The Most Comprehensive Dog Training Center in North Carolina

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Our idyllic, rural setting is just 5 minutes from Interstate 77 in the heart of North Carolina. Set in its own landscaped grounds totaling some 23+ acres, Highland Canine Training boasts some of the most comprehensive kenneling, dog training and breeding facilities to be found anywhere in North Carolina. Highland Canine Training, LLC has acres of landscaped training fields for obedience, tracking, protection, and other dog events as well as facilities for agility, detection and many other training venues at our North Carolina dog training center.

Our NC dog training center is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and provides a great environment that is conducive for learning for both dogs and people.

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Utilized for our Board and Train programs, our separate kennel facilities are cleaned and disinfected several times daily and each dog is allowed free exercise in addition to the time that they are training each day. We offer climate controlled kenneling and can handle dogs with special needs. Over-sized kennels are available for large dogs. Every socialized dog has hours of daily playtime with other socialized students. Our kennels include over two acres of secure exercise area. Our huge, landscaped exercise areas are designed with the dog’s happiness and well-being in mind.  Our working dog kennels are centrally located near our rubble pile, detection training areas and trailing areas.  Our Service Dog Kennels are located near our study hall and are surrounded by a large fenced play area.  Our other kennels share an exercise area with the service dogs that can also be used as a safe and secure environment when training dogs.  

Our kennels are dual licensed and regularly inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  NCDA Boarding Kennel License #11075.  NCDA Private Animal Shelter License # 150.

Canine Education Center

canine education center

Our Canine Education Center is nestled on 50+ acres located minutes from our Canine Development and Training Center.  Our Canine Education Center houses our Classroom & Lecture Hall, business offices and pro shop.

Adjacent to our classroom are large fields and wooded areas that are used for a variety of training, to include trailing, detection and obedience.  Our Canine Education Center also has several other structures that are also used for training of service dogs and working dogs.

Classroom & Lecture Hall

school for dog trainers classroom 2021

Instruction at the Main Campus for our School for Dog Trainers takes place in a climate controlled classroom just a short drive from our Canine Development and Training Center.  Our Canine Education Center is equipped with state of the art audio visual equipment and includes wireless internet access. Our Canine Education Center has two classrooms which allows for two separate classes to be held at once. A landscaped picnic area is also available for students during break and on lunch. Our study hall, located at our dog training center, is also available for students wishing to study at night. 

Pro Shop

Our Canine Education Center also has a fully stocked pro shop.  We regularly stock leashes, collars, training tools, harnesses and apparel. We also have an equipment shop on-site where we manufacture dog training equipment, harnesses, protection equipment, and we can even make repairs. Our shop has two Durkopp Adler Industrial Sewing Machines as well as a large Leather sewing machine. We stock a variety of leathers and nylon materials to meet the needs of our clients. We make a variety of customized equipment including capes, harnesses, and service dog equipment.

All of the items in our Pro Shop are also available online! Browse our store today.

Rubble Pile and Training Areas

From a rubble pile for Urban Search and Rescue Dog Training to miles of wilderness trails over creeks and meadows for varied tracking and trailing exercises, Highland Canine Training students are offered a variety of learning environments. Here at Highland Canine Training, LLC, students have access to many different learning environments throughout our dog training center for the best possible training experience.

Dock Diving Pool

dock diving group classes

Our classroom facility boasts a full-size dock diving pool, which we utilize to improve dog’s confidence in the water. We also use the pool to hold dock diving group classes, where dogs can learn how to safely jump off the platform and swim in the water.

Grooming Suite

dog grooming suite

Our indoor grooming suite is equipped with a state-of-the art grooming tub with a ramp for less agile dogs to climb. We have hot and cold water faucets to ensure the dogs are bathed at the right temperature. Our grooming suite contains hair clippers, shears, nail clippers, a grooming table, and a dryer. Students have access to the grooming suite while they are training, and each dog that boards with us for training receives a bath before going home, as well as anytime they need it during training.

Agility & Challenge Courses

dog agility course

We offer an agility/obstacle course for working dog training and for those dog obedience and behavior modification clients who want more of a challenge for their dog. Our agility area has a multitude of obstacles including an “A” frame, hurdles, see-saw, swinging bridge, a palisade, low crawl, and a catwalk. We also have an agility course that is designed with working dogs in mind, therefore we have many obstacles that are utilized in certifications for police organizations as well as FEMA.

Off-Site Training Facilities

off site dog training facilities

Because of the central location of our dog training center, we are able to utilize many off-site training facilities for working dog training. We have several large state parks within a short drive of our facility that we often use for tracking/trailing and search and rescue training. We also have several local businesses that allow us access to hundreds of vehicles and tractor trailers for searches and other training. Located within minutes of our dog training facility are several rubble piles that are used for training search and rescue dogs. We also have access to various ponds and lakes for training water cadaver detection dogs.