Dog Training Divisions

A Multifaceted Dog Training Company with Real-World Solutions

Highland Canine Training is a diverse dog training company offering turn-key solutions for all of your dog training needs.  From pet obedience to working dog training programs, we have a solution that is right for you.  Our programs are designed to ensure optimum results for the client and we offer lifetime guarantees on our training.

police k9 training

Law Enforcement & Military

We offer some of the world’s finest police and military working dogs.  Our educational programs for handlers and trainers of working dogs is unsurpassed in the industry.  Our science and research-based detection training methods are proven to obtain optimum results in real-world environments.  By emphasizing real-world, scenario-based police K9 training and certification, we create K9 teams that get results.

school for dog trainers

Canine Education Programs

We are the industry leader in canine education programs for those looking to begin a career as a dog trainer or polish their existing skills.  Our School for Dog Trainers has hosted graduates from over 32 countries across the globe.  We have a variety of canine education programs that are taught by experts in the field that know how to ensure you gain the knowledge to make you a successful dog trainer in the industry.

service dog highland canine training nc

Service Dog Sales & Training

For nearly a decade, we have set the bar for service dog training and sales.  Our reputation for providing quality dogs and unbeatable customer support is what has made us a leader in the industry.  Our expert team of service dog trainers work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that their service dog meets their individual needs.  We also offer worldwide delivery coupled with exceptional training programs.

private drug and bomb dog security

Commercial K9 Detection

We provide a variety of services for commercial entities and non governmental organizations to help provide an additional layer of security.  From the explosives detection dogs in our EPIC Program to commercial drug detection and bed bug detection dogs, we have a variety of affordable programs to meet your security needs.  We offer impeccably trained dogs and highly-skilled handlers for every situation.

expert dog training programs

Obedience & Behavior

We offer an array of obedience and behavior modification programs to meet the needs of our clients.  We have developed a reputation for being the leader in resolving even the most severe aggression and behavior related problems.  We focus on what is best for the dog and emphasize creating effective relationships between owners and their dogs.  Our experts work with dogs and rehabilitate problems that many other trainers refuse to work with.

A Life of Dogs Podcast

Podcasting & Media

Mostly we tell stories, true-life stories that follow A Life of Dogs and how they impact people. Humans and dogs have lived together for thousands of years and still interact in some pretty unique ways today.  Our podcast closely examines the human / canine relationship and presents these encounters to you in a fascinating manner that will create a new perspective of our canine companions.  Check out our episodes on Itunes and Google Play.