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We are passionate about training service dogs to assist those in need. We offer professional service and affordable prices on our service dog training.

At Highland Canine Training, LLC, we offer a wide variety of service dogs for people with disabilities. Our dogs have the capabilities to assist people with physical impairments to make day-to-day life more convenient as well as to ensure the safety and well-being of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Our service dogs are individually customized to meet our clients’ needs. We currently offer service dogs for sale or can train your personal dog upon completion of our assistance dog evaluation. Service dogs can be taught to retrieve items, turn on and off light switches, pull and walk beside wheel chairs, open and close doors, balance unsteady people, etc.

Getting a Service Dog is an Important Decision

Count on Us

We are proud to have an industry-leading staff of experts that work with our clients to deliver the best service dogs possible in the industry today.  We know that a service dog is a major investment of time and valuable resources, and we understand and respect the sacrifices that many families make in order to bring a service dog home. We provide the best quality product and value to meet your needs. Best of all, we offer a lifetime of support for our clients and have a reputation for offering the best customer service experience.

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Unbeatable Service Dogs

unbeatable service dogs

For over a decade we have been providing a variety of quality service dogs and service dog training to clients throughout the US and abroad. Our experience allows us to ensure that we pair the right dog with the handler to ensure success for a lifetime.

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Quality Service Dog Training

service dog training

We offer service dog training programs designed to effectively train a dog that already lives in your home.  Unlike other programs, we are willing to train your family companion to be a reliable service dog. Testing and evaluation is free.

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No Application Fees

trained service dogs

Our service dog application is simple but thorough and provides us with the information needed to ensure success.  We take the time to work with you through the entire process to make sure that your next dog is a good fit. Our application process is free!

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Our Service Dog Training Programs are

Uniquely Better

Autism Service Dogs

autism service dogs

We offer service dogs and training for those affected by a variety of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our dogs can help in countless ways from interrupting repetitive or harmful behaviors to trailing lost children. Unlike other providers, we have no age restrictions for service dog placement.

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Mobility Service Dogs

mobility service dogs

We provide service dogs and service dog training for clients of any age who need mobility and stability assistance. Mobility service dogs are trained to perform a variety of tasks from opening cabinets and doors to activating lights and other switches.  Our dogs are customized to your needs.

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Seizure Service Dogs

seizure service dogs

We train both seizure alert and seizure assistance service dogs and can also add seizure response training to other types of service dogs when needed. We can easily accommodate clients wanting other types of service dogs who also have seizures and need a dual-trained dog.

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Offering Dogs That Are

Surprisingly Different

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A Different Experience

Our programs are vastly different than most in the industry today.  Candidates in our program are not placed in puppy raising programs when they are young only to be returned to their trainers when they turn a year old.  Each service dog candidate is raised by one of our expert staff  from the day that it enters the program until it is delivered to its handler.

Our service dogs are not trained in large programs that pair them with handlers at the time that a handlers course begins at a training facility.  Each dog is specifically selected and trained to meet the exact needs and specifications required by their handlers.  Then, the dogs are delivered to their new home, where our trainers teach you how to work with the dog in an environment that is comfortable to you.  We show you how to properly work alongside your new service dog at your home, school or place of work.

Faithful Companions

Unlike many programs offering service dogs, we transfer full ownership of the dog to you.  We do not retain rights to the dog and they become your faithful companion for life.  There are not restrictions on the type of food you choose or which veterinarian you select to work with your new partner.  All of the dogs that we offer are altered prior to delivery.

We also train a variety of breeds to ensure the best match for our clients.  Over the years, we have worked with Labrador and Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Poodle mixes as well as other breeds upon request.  We carefully cater each dog to the specific needs of every individual.

Unlike other providers, we have no restrictions regarding the age of the client and each application is viewed on a case-by-case basis.

There are no application fees and you only pay once you decide to use us for your next service dog.

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Reliable Service Dog Training

Each dog in our program receives countless hours of training and socialization.  Much of the dogs’ training takes place in new environments to ensure that they are able to perform reliably in demanding environments.  We customize the training of each dog to meet the needs of their new owners and have frequently worked with dogs to ride boats, city buses and other public transportation as well as conditioning them to be calm and quiet in classroom settings. Training for each dog is conducted by our experienced staff of trainers, which are the same individuals who deliver the dog to you.  We have trained hundreds of service dogs for people of all ages and are confident that we can provide you with the right dog.  We believe so much in our training processes and service dog development programs that we guarantee training for life!

Creating Better Tomorrows Through

Quality Service Dogs

Affordable Service Dogs

Our service dogs and training are extremely affordable and we offer a simple payment plan which allows you the opportunity to budget for a service dog without requiring that you pay all of the costs up front. We do not have expensive puppy programs, therefore we are able to offer clients well trained service dogs at much lower prices than the industry standard. The average cost of our service dogs is $15,900. 

We do not operate as a non-profit organization to provide service dogs.  However, many of our clients conduct fundraising to pay for the cost of the dog and delivery.  If you need help coming up with ways to raise money for a dog, our staff will be happy to share ways that other clients have been successful.

The price of the autism assistance dog or service dog includes the initial set of customized equipment including leashes, a service vest or harness, tethering equipment, trailing equipment, service dog identification and much more.

service dog with boy hospital

Service Dog Delivery

service dog delivery

Unlike many other programs, we have a relatively short waiting list and we are able to deliver the dog to you.  This allows everyone the opportunity to see the service dog perform in the environment that it will live and work in everyday as opposed to a training facility where it is comfortable.  Delivery generally lasts for 4-5 days depending on the need of the client.  During the delivery, we request that adult family members are available for the duration so that each person receives the proper training.  We are flexible and can work with you to schedule the delivery of the dog so that it is not a major interruption to your lifestyle.

For each service dog delivery, we send two trainers to work with your family and new dog at home, in malls, at school, in medical offices and wherever you frequent to ensure that you are comfortable in working with the dog everywhere. We have placed dogs throughout the United States and the Caribbean and we offer delivery services worldwide.  No training costs are associated with the delivery, however delivery travel costs are additional.  Learn more about our service dogs

Service Dogs for Autism

Our service dog programs began years ago because we saw a need for reliable and affordable dogs to assist those affected with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  We believed that there was a better way to acquire, train and deliver these types of dogs.  As such, we have developed a program specifically for providing service dogs fro those affected by autism.  These dogs will not only help children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders interact with others, but can also ensure their daily safety. Their trailing conditioning makes them an asset if this child is ever to wander off or disappear. Autism assistance dogs often times assist these children with sleeping better at night by reducing their risk of insomnia, interrupting repetitive behaviors, and accompanying them to school, doctor visits and assisting them with their daily interactions with others. Learn more about Assistance Dogs for Autism.

service dogs for autism
We offer service dogs and service dog training for a variety of special tasks and customize each dog to meet the individual needs of the client.

If you have questions or would like more information about our service dog training programs, feel free to contact us at 704.500.8281 or