Dog Training Testimonials & Reviews

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At Highland Canine Training, LLC, our focus is on providing world-leading customer service in every aspect of our business. 

Learn more about our approach – and results – through a selection of video testimonials from our clients.

Service Dog Training & Community Activities

For over a decade, we have worked with families across the United States to provide high-quality, trained service dogs. Additionally, our service dog candidates spend time benefiting the local community, by participating in educational reading programs and visiting senior living homes. 

“The thing I liked best about the training was when we got to the tethering and we went to the grocery store. Walking through the parking lot and walking through the grocery store and having this giant weight off my shoulders – that safety factor is huge.

You guys came and answered all our questions. It wasn’t time-limited and we had ample time to learn and get to know the dog.”

“The interview process was great…I knew we were going to get a proper service dog.

The application was good and very thorough, and really cared about what we were after.”

“I don’t know of anybody in this building who doesn’t like to see them come in. That’s a treat for us!

We can’t have animals of our own in here, and all of us who have had animals in our homes before we came here to live, we miss that. So we do welcome these visits.

People in this facility are happy to see these puppies, and they are very well-trained.”

School for Dog Trainers Testimonials

The School for Dog Trainers gives prospective canine professionals everything they require to forge a successful career in the dog training industry. We offer a variety of courses, including our 24 week Master Dog Trainer program.

“After completing this program, I feel very comfortable starting a dog training business.

I’m a very conservative person, and I like to have as large of a basis of knowledge as I can. So honestly, when I came here, I didn’t think I’d be ready to go – but I can definitely say that I feel 100% comfortable starting my dog training business.”

“I feel like I got everything I needed and a lot more. The knowledge of the instructors was very helpful – if we were doing a specific thing, and I asked the instructor a question, 99.9% of the time they could give me a definite answer right away.

If anybody really wants a good understanding of how dog training works, here, you’re getting pet dogs, problem dogs, service dogs, working dogs in the detection field, police K9s…you’re immersed in it all at once, you can’t find that anywhere else.”

“I will never get this anywhere else. This was one of the best situations to establish myself as a trainer, and meet other trainers and learn from them as well.”

“I chose Highland Canine’s School for Dog Trainers because they had the opportunities to work with all different kinds of dogs – service dogs, working dogs, behavior modification – and because there was a lot of hands-on experience as well.”

“The instructors here are so knowledgeable about so many different things and are always here to help you. I came into this program not knowing anything about dog training, and I feel from what I’ve gained in a few short months, I can follow whatever career path that I choose in dog training.

My experience here at Highland has showed me and given me the confidence to do so many things inside of dog training, and outside too, to make me more confident as a person.”

“I do feel completely prepared to start my career as a dog trainer, because of all the hands-on experience I got from Highland and the in-classroom lectures, which were super informative.

I would highly recommend this course to others, it’s such a great experience, and honestly, a once in a lifetime experience that I got here.”

“It was pretty fulfilling. I learned a lot about how to work with different service dogs, and I worked with a lot of breeds.

I feel prepared to start training dogs because I have a lot of experience in hands-on and Highland has given me everything I need to start a business.”

“Compared to other schools I’ve been to, personally, it’s definitely the best experience I’ve had. I’ve definitely learned more here than any other school I’ve been to.

The Service Dog course was great – Brandi and Carlos were great getting us out in public places and being able to handle dogs out in public. It was organized really well, all the trainers were able to answer any questions and made it really fun.”

Police K9 Training Testimonials

We are passionate about training and educating law enforcement to ensure they get the maximum benefit from working with their K9 colleagues. Our history and background means we understand the importance of quality police K9 training.

“We have incorporated better tactics and ultimately, it’s produced better morale – because the training is actually fun and has helped me make improvements within the K9 unit.

I would definitely recommend this program to others.”

“What I liked best about coming here was the scenario-based training. It brought perspective to me that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. 

The trailing scenarios was one of the other highlights about being here, I’ve never seen that done before. I really enjoyed doing that.”

“This seminar, as far as a comparison, there’s really none. The training I received in the past didn’t really cover everything that you guys cover.

You guys were really in-depth in terms of the primary role of the supervisor.”

“What I liked best was the method of the training here was different to what I’ve been exposed to in the past, and it seemed to be better.

The trailing and the detection work was better than what I’ve seen in the past, overall I think it’s just more effective.”