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Founded in 2006, Highland Canine Training, LLC is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies in the Southeastern United States. With headquarters in North Carolina and locations across the nation, Highland Canine Training, LLC is recommended as the dog trainer of choice by veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, pet retailers, law enforcement and military organizations, and other industry professionals.

Our expert dog trainers offer research-driven dog training and canine education programs that are proven to be more effective.  For more than a decade, we have been committed to increasing the industry standard for training dogs and people to create programs that get results.  This commitment has helped us develop a reputation in the industry that is undisputed.

We offer quality working dogs to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s military and law enforcement agencies.  We offer a variety of programs for police K9 handlers, military K9 handlers, administrators and supervisors.

We also offer first-class canine education programs at our School for Dog Trainers and have hosted students from over 32 different countries so far. Our unbeatable, hands-on dog training programs are designed to give you all the tools you need to be a successful dog trainer in the industry.

We offer our dog training and educational programs on location throughout the United States and worldwide, through our series of comprehensive seminars and customized programs.

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The Global Leader in Canine Education

With the most inclusive canine education available, the School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC will teach you progressive and innovative methods of dog training and working with people in a way that will make your dog training career a successful one.

Unlike most courses, our programs offer you extensive hands-on training that provide you with real-life experience. Our 24-week Master Dog Trainer program is the most comprehensive course of its kind, covering every aspect of dog training. We also offer specialist six, eight and twelve week programs on obedience & behavior for dog trainers who are keen to begin their formal education in this field.  

At our School for Dog Trainers, our staff of instructors are highly qualified and accomplished individuals that are truly one of a kind. Not only do we teach you every aspect of the industry, our dog training school will immerse you into an atmosphere alongside our instructors that are training a variety of dogs every day. 

Our School for Dog Trainers has two campus locations, each offering world-class dog training facilities. Programs are delivered from our Main Campus in Harmony, NC, and our Southeast Campus in Hanceville, AL.

Our programs are the first and only of their kind to be licensed by the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges. We are also approved by the North Carolina State Approving Agency to accept GI Bill and other VA benefits.

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Police K9 Training & Sales

Offering Unsurpassed Police K9 Training Programs

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Police, Military, and Search and Rescue dogs are protecting handlers and saving lives in an environment that continues to become more and more threatening.  As current and former Police K9 handlers and supervisors, we understand just how important it is to have a reliable police dog partner in the field.

Our experienced staff delivers impeccably trained police dogs and military working dogs to meet these ever-increasing demands.  Highland Canine Training offers a variety of working dogs trained in explosives detection, narcotics detection, police patrol and search and rescue.

We offer comprehensive, real-life, scenario-based K9 training programs to prepare new handlers to be confident with their new K9 partner in the field. We also offer inclusive training programs for experienced police dog handlers and trainers to hone and perfect their skills.

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We are passionate about training service dogs to assist those in need. We offer professional service and affordable prices on our service dog training.

Our service dog training division at Highland Canine Training, LLC develops and trains some of the best service dogs in the industry. We train a variety of service dogs, including autism service dogs, mobility assistance dogs and others. Consistently, our clients state that our commitment to customer service and dedication to providing reliable service dogs makes us the organization of choice.

Our service dog training programs are vastly different than most others in the industry. Our processes are simple and we offer delivery worldwide.  We offer a variety of service dog training programs and work with many clients that other organizations simply will not.  We understand that each individual is different and therefore, we are not breed specific and work with a variety of dogs to meet those individual needs.

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We can provide you with the ultimate companion dog for you and your family!

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