Group Dog Obedience Classes

Group Dog Obedience Classes

Have Fun & Learn with Your Dog

At Highland Canine, our trainers offer group obedience classes for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes!  Our dog training obedience classes are a great way to socialize your pup in a controlled environment, under the guidance of a professional dog trainer. 

Not only will your dog learn their basic commands and obedience, but you’ll also gain vital, practical knowledge to help you as a dog owner. You’ll learn about the importance of socialization, the benefits of mental stimulation and how to incorporate your dog’s obedience into everyday life. 

Our dog trainers may also offer your pup the opportunity to get a taste of new activities, such as agility and trick training.

Our group dog training classes are designed to enhance the relationship between you and your dog. They take place in a fun and relaxed environment, which are enjoyed by humans and dogs alike!

To find out when obedience classes are taking place in your area, please take a look at our calendar.

Our typical curriculum for basic group obedience classes is as follows:

Week 1

  • Introduction to how dogs learn and teaching techniques

  • Teaching loose leash walking

  • Teaching focus on the handler
dog sitting obediently
beagle puppy

Week 2

  • Week 1 review

  • How to stop jumping and other common behavioral issues

  • Teaching the Sit command with implied stay

Week 3

  • Week 1 and 2 review

  • Teaching the Heel command
golden retriever in training
miniature pinscher

Week 4

  • Week 1-3 review

  • Teaching the Down command with implied stay

  • Confidence building

  • Working around distractions

Week 5

  • Week 1-4 review

  • Teaching the Place command with implied stay

  • Teaching the Leave It command
weimaraner in forest
border collie puppy

Week 6

  • Week 1-5 review

  • Teaching the Recall command

  • Teaching how to incorporate play into obedience

  • Graduation

NOTE: Curriculum may be subject to slight variations depending on location.

Remember to check out our calendar to see when our group classes are taking place in your area! You can also contact us for more information.