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At Highland Canine Training, LLC, we have rewarding dog training job opportunities available throughout our organization — from our Independent Contractor Dog Trainer positions, Police K9 Division, Service Dog Division and our School for Dog Trainers to positions at our Corporate Office.  We search for those individuals who are passionate about training dogs, have excellent presentation and  people skills and are driven to grow and excel in their careers with us.

For those who enjoy working with dogs and have great communication skills with people, Highland Canine Training, LLC is the perfect place for you to start or build a dog training career. You will have the opportunity to be a part of a growing organization that offers endless opportunities for professional development and personal enrichment. You will also have the opportunity to team up with and learn with others who share your values and commitment. You will also receive the incomparable experience that comes from helping to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners.

Current Dog Training Jobs Available

We currently have various dog training positions available throughout our organization.  If you are interested in any of these available positions please READ ALL of the information listed below about the particular position before contacting us.

Summary: Responsible for training Police/Military working dogs and providing administrative support for the Police/Military Working Dog Program.  Reports to the Director of Working Dog Operations.


  • Provides operational and administrative support for all aspects of the Police/Military Working Dog program.
  • Trains Police/Military working dogs and provides socialization for all stages of the dog’s life. Training will be conducted in all operational areas, tracking/training, detection and protection.
  • Completes training records (training, socialization, veterinarian, etc.) on all Police/Military working dogs.
  • Ensures proper equipment is set up and operational prior to the start of all training sessions. Returns all equipment to appropriate location after training is completed.
  • Responsible for providing regular input for all marketing and advertising of the Police/Military Working Dog Programs. Looks for ways to consistently leverage social media avenues to promote the program.
  • Ensure adequate control and use of Detection Training Aids.
  • Understands details for and constructs imprinting pipes. Ensures proper use including sanitation and storage of imprinting pipes to prevent cross contamination.
  • Provides facilitation and practical support, on an as needed basis, for courses in the K9 Education programs.
  • Understands and keeps abreast of all processes for training all Police/Military Working dogs, to include: Police, Drug, Patrol, Bomb, EPIC, Tracking/Trailing, Disaster, Cadaver, and other detection dogs (e.g. bedbug, cellphone, etc.).
  • Helps coordinate and attend applicable conferences. Works to obtain new business and/or increase HK9’s brand awareness.
  • Completes scheduled and random spot checks of the Police/Military working dog kennels to ensure that cleanliness is maintained.
  • Remains up to date on new tools and techniques on Police/Military working dog issues.
  • Provides facilitation and practical support, on an as needed basis, for courses in the K9 Education programs.
  • Works to cross train in the K9 Education, Service Dog and Pet Dog programs. Can be detailed as needed to fill in and provide support for the Service Dog and K9 Education programs.
  • Responsible for consistently reviewing the training environment to ensure a safe and secure situation is provided for all students, staff, and any bystanders. Any imminent safety issues observed will be halted and be immediately reported to your supervisor.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Highland Canine Training is seeking a motivated Podcast Editing intern to join our podcast development team. We need someone who will take initiative and help edit podcasts, work on creative direction, transcribe our best podcasts. and create some great content. We currently produce a great human/dog interest podcast series that can be viewed at:

Our goals for this internship position is to give the candidate the opportunity to work on real-world projects within our Podcast operation. That includes working in the studio, editing audio and providing insights on how to increase quality and productivity.

Required Skills:

-Adobe Audition


-Audio Production

Please include your resume and a link to your portfolio when applying.

If you are creative, detail-oriented, resourceful, and excited about podcasting, then we would love to hear from you!

Job Type: Internship


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


Apply Online



Independent Contractor

dog trainer jobs

Due to the rapid expansion of our business, we are currently seeking to fill Certified Professional Dog Trainer positions in previously developed dog training markets as well as other areas throughout the country.  If you are interested in running your own business without all of the headaches and having the benefit of utilizing a proven model for success, feel free to contact us to discuss our program.