Dock Diving Group Class

Dock Diving Group Classes

Make A Splash In Our Dock Diving Class

Looking for a new dog sport to enjoy with your pup? Need an outlet for your dog’s endless energy? Dock diving could be just what you’re looking for!

Our fun, action-packed classes will give you an introduction to the sport of dock diving, offering you and the pup the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable instructors.

On this page, you can learn more about the dock diving classes that we offer at Highland Canine Training.

What is dock diving?

Dock diving is a canine sport where dogs race down the length of a dock and jump into a pool of water in pursuit of their favorite toy. There are three different dock diving disciplines to choose from:

  • Big Air
  • Extreme Vertical
  • Speed Retrieve.

Each discipline will judge your dog on a different skill – either how far they can jump, how high they can jump, or how fast they can swim. Dogs and owners can participate in dock diving sports for the thrill of competition or just the fun of making a splash in the summer sun.Β 

In addition to offering excellent mental and physical stimulation, dock diving is a great way to build confidence and escape the heat.

This class introduces the sport of dock diving to you and your dog in a fun and positive environment! Throughout the class, you and your dog will learn skills essential to becoming a successful dock diving team, such as:

  • Increasing toy drive
  • Building confidence swimming in deep water
  • Jumping off the ramp into the pool
  • Various crucial handler skills.

Once your dog is eagerly jumping off the ramp into the water, and swimming confidently, they are ready for one of our discipline classes (Big Air, Extreme Vertical, or Speed Retrieve).

dock diving group classes

Introduction to Dock Diving - Group Class details

Class duration: 4 weeks

Maximum class size: 5 dogs

This class can be taken as many times as needed to work on different skills.


Your dog must:

  • Like to play in the water (ex: creeks, ponds, doggy pool, ocean, etc.)
  • Be motivated to chase or retrieve a ball/toy
  • Be up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations
  • Be at least 6 months old


You will need the following equipment to take part in our dock diving class:

  • 6 ft leash
  • Your dog’s favorite floating ball/toy
  • Towel
  • Crate or car kennel
  • Clothes you do not mind getting splashed
  • Non-slip shoes
entry to highland canine dock diving

Week 1

  • Introduction to Dock Diving Sports

  • Choosing a toy

  • First Splash

Week 2

  • Building confidence on ramp

  • Assisted swimming

Week 3

  • Unassisted swimming

  • Water retrieve

Week 4

  • Increasing jump distance

  • Increasing water retrieve distance

  • Graduation

Remember to check out our calendar to see when our group classes are taking place in your area! You can also contact us for more information.