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Highland Canine Training, LLC provides a wide range of dog training services in Seattle and the surrounding areas. We are able to offer in-home dog training, private lessons and behavior modification, in addition to group classes, puppy classes and other specialized teaching.

Over several years, Highland Canine has developed a reputation for diagnosing and resolving problematic dog behaviors. Our goal is to provide our clients in Seattle with the dog training solutions they require to effectively deal with every type of issue. Our solutions include everything from simple obedience training, to more troublesome aggression and behavioral problems. We work with all types of dogs – old and young, big and small – and specialize in dogs which other trainers consider “hard to train”. We have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs which others have suggested should be euthanized.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers professional, proven dog training services based on humane and motivational techniques. We treat all dogs and their owners with respect, courtesy and humility, all with the aim of achieving the best possible results for everyone we work with – humans and animals alike.

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Leah Ott

Seattle, WA Dog Trainer

Leah has lived in the greater Seattle area for over three decades, where her entire family resides. She has a passion for dogs which began at an early age when she was growing up.

As a child, Leah was raised living on acreage surrounded by various animals including horses, dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Throughout her childhood, she was always passionate about rescuing animals – but dogs have always been her favorite. This passion did not dissipate but carried through into adulthood where she continues to foster dogs who need a second chance.

During the last six years, Leah has been working with a local rescue. Through this partnership, she has fostered numerous dogs over the years. She usually selects the more challenging canines who require behavior modification so they can have the opportunity to be successfully adopted.

“Most of these pups have been significantly misunderstood, which is how a lot of them end up in a rescue,” says Leah. “Fostering dogs has taught me the importance in understanding how each dog learns and what motivates them. The answer is not always the same which is the beauty of this process for me.”

Upon fostering, Leah stumbled across an aggressive German Shepherd named Jack who had stumped previous trainers yielding no results. She was told he was very “difficult” and most likely his future was grim. Leah accepted the training challenge and brought him home. As she watched the results unfold, she fell in love and adopted him. It was during this process with Jack that Leah decided she wanted to pursue a future in dog training and rehabilitating dogs. This led her and Jack to travel across the country to North Carolina and attend the Master Dog Trainer program at the School for Dog Trainers, an intensive six-month course covering all aspects of dog training.  

Jack’s story does not end here. Jack now travels all over with Leah where his story is shared and empowers others with hope who are struggling with various canine behavior issues displayed by their own dog.

“My passion is to help owners understand their dog and find success in creating a partnership with their pup, because they truly are loyal companions.

It brings me joy and fulfillment when I get the privilege of training a dog who was essentially given up on and placed in a rescue. When I find the right home, both for the dog and the people involved, it is a celebration, and everyone wins!”

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Leah proudly serves the following areas:

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Dog Training Programs

Leah offers the following services to our clients in Seattle:

Leah is proud to offer a variety of dog training services in Seattle. These include:

Private Lessons & Behavior Modification

Our private lessons and behavioral modification programs help you to achieve the results you need with your dog. 

With private lessons, our trainers come to your home once per week. Following an initial evaluation, our trainers use their knowledge and experience to develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals. We place importance on teaching owners the best way to maintain these behaviors for the future. 

All of our training programs are guaranteed and include free follow-up training for the life of the dog. For more information, contact Leah today!

Group Classes

Our trainers offer a wide variety of group dog training classes. This is perfect for socializing your dog in a safe environment. Meeting other pups and different people in a group class setting helps your dog to adapt to new environments and learn new skills.

Our curriculum includes basic obedience, advanced obedience, foundational search and rescue, and puppy classes among others. These classes typically run for six weeks, with classes taking place once a week.  

For more information on upcoming group dog training classes, take a look at our calendar, or contact Leah today!

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