What to do With Your Dog on Snowy and Rainy Days.

dog in snow

Dogs that do not get enough activity due to bad weather can become destructive.

When the weather outside is less than delightful, dog training suddenly becomes a dire necessity for the family pooch that lives mainly indoors. Dogs can often be destructive, bark and display inappropriate behaviors when confined indoors and not provided the proper exercise and mental stimulation.  Rain, snow, and extremely high temperatures keep most of us indoors.  Thus, it can often be difficult for dog owners to adequately exercise their dog.  Most people want and expect their dog to behave when confined to the house, even in good weather!  Knowing basic obedience and general good house manners, or more commonly, the lack of those things becomes strikingly evident when inclement weather lingers.

All dogs, regardless of the weather, need daily exercise as well as some sort of mental stimulation. Without both physical and mental exercise, we humans expecting our dogs to behave nicely indoors are setting our dogs up for failure. Puppies and adult dogs of any type will definitely struggle with this human imposed idea of behaving.  Smart dog training is taking advantage of those times when we are confined to the house to do exactly that, train. There are lots of ways to engage your dog mentally.  Mentally challenging him will tire him out quicker than a long walk around the block.

Below are some things you can do when you’re stuck inside.

Obedience – It doesn’t matter whether you’re training new commands or practicing old ones, working with your dog through obedience is getting their brain working.  This type of mental stimulation can surely help you keep your sanity when cooped up with an active dog.

Dog Tricks – Teaching or practicing dog tricks is fun and can provide a great deal of mental stimulation for your dog.  Whether you are teaching, shake, and roll-over or play dead, tricks can be both challenging and rewarding for both you and your dog.

Dog Games –  Teaching your dog games, such as hide and seek or scent work can be a useful skill in times like these.  Anything that requires the dog to use their nose will also engage their brain and will be mentally stimulating for a dog.

Dog Puzzles – There are several types of dog puzzles on the market that are designed to stimulate your dog and you can even create a makeshift one with a baking tin. Most well stocked pet stores will carry a few.

dog in the rainOutings– If its rain keeping you in, or the heat, load up your dog and take him to the local pet store, Tractor Supply or Home Depot. It’s always a good idea to call first and make sure, but these businesses usually allow well behaved, leashed dogs.  All the smells, people, and other dogs perhaps, it adds up to a lot of mental stimulation for a dog.

Be creative and keep it fun. Use a lot of treats, praise, and maybe a toy as rewards.

Not only are you training and mentally challenging your dog, you’re also working on your relationship with your dog. And ultimately you’re teaching your dog or puppy skills that will help him become that well behaved companion that you wish for!  Basic obedience is the key to that well behaved companion. Remember, keep it simple and have fun!

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