Group Scent Work Class

Group Scent Work Class

Teach Your Dog To Identify Odors

At Highland Canine, our trainers offer scent work classes for dogs. This class teaches your dog to use its nose to locate odors such as Clove, Anise and Birch.

This class is great if you think your dog already has a good nose! Taking part in nose work provides great mental stimulation and teaches your dog a new skill at the same time.

Whether you want to teach your dog for competition or simply for fun, our scent work class teaches you everything you’ll need to know.

To find out when scent work classes are taking place in your area, please take a look at our calendar!

Our typical curriculum for group scent work classes is as follows:

Week 1

  • Introduction to scent work

  • Class objectives

  • Introduction to olfaction and how scent works

  • Rewards and how to use them

  • Timing/repetition and the importance of clicker use

  • Begin imprinting on Birch oil
dog playing mental stimulation game

Week 2

  • Recap of Week 1

  • Introduction of Star Anise and Clove oil

  • Importance of separating odor and how residual odor works

  • Begin imprinting process on new odors

Week 3

  • Recap of Week 2

  • Progress check and troubleshooting

  • Practice ‘shell game’ introduction

  • Introduction to searching

Week 4

  • Recap of Week 3

  • Practice drills with one odor

  • Adding boxes to exercises

  • Build indication

  • Start hides

Week 5

  • Recap of Week 4

  • Adding more boxes

  • Importance of proofing

  • Begin proofing

Week 6

  • Transferring out of boxes

  • Building speed and accuracy

  • Next steps to competition scent work/nose work

Remember to check out our calendar to see when our scent work classes are taking place in your area! You can also contact us for more information.