Benefits of Clicker Training Your Dog

clicker dog training

Clicker Training can be a Great Tool for Training Your Dog

Clicker training can be one of the fastest ways to teach a dog a new trick or command and can be a wonderful addition to any training program.   First, your dog must be trained to recognize what the click means.  This may take a few days, but the results are worth the time invested.  Once your dog understands what the click signifies you can begin utilizing the clicker in your training program.

Sometimes our dogs have trouble learning certain commands.  Perhaps what we are asking them to do seems more complex to them than it is to us.  Breaking down the command we are trying to teach our dogs can go a long way in enabling them to successfully learn what we want them to do.  For example, you can break down the command “rollover.”  You can divide the command depending on how much help your dog needs.  You may simply divide the command in two parts, or you may have to dissect it even more. You can click for the initial down. Click when they lie on their side, and then give a final click when they complete the roll.  Remember that you always want to set your dog up for success. Too much failure can lead to boredom for your dog and a lack of interest in training.  Setting your dog up to win will keep them motivated and enthused about their training.  So if you need to break the command down further for your dog to succeed, do it.

Clicker training can also be beneficial in teaching your dog to hold their command for longer periods of time.  By using the clicker you can increase your dog’s duration for commands like sit and down. Give your dog the command down. Click the moment your dog lays down. You can continue to click as long as your dog maintains their down.  Remember to give your dog a treat after you click.  This will help to show your dog that maintaining their down is rewarding, and you don’t have to repeat “good dog” every few seconds.  Let the clicker do the talking for you.

clicker trainingClickers are also great tools to use for when we have off days.  Sometimes our emotions can negatively impact our dog’s training if we let them show through our voice.  Dog can pick up on vocal inflections very well.  Clickers are useful, because they don’t have any emotions.  There is no inflection in a click. The tone and pitch always remain the same.  Therefore, it is something the dog will always recognize and understand.

Remember, using clicker training isn’t a fix it all for every dog problem or the perfect training tool for every dog.  Some dogs need different types of training to succeed.  Modify your training program to your dog’s temperament and your requirements.

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