Discover These 11 German Dog Breeds

german shepherd dog in yard

There’s little doubt that Germany has given us some of the world’s most recognizable dog breeds. Many of the breeds with German origins are now commonplace – not just in the United States, but with popularity in countries across the globe.

Germany has not only delivered several notable dog breeds to the world – in modern times, the country is also undergoing a dog ownership boom. According to data obtained by Statista, Germans own more dogs than any other country in the European Union – and their population has doubled since 2010, with the most recent statistics indicating there are about 10.6 million pet dogs in the country.

In this article, we’ll look at some German dog breeds in more detail. In addition to facts and figures on these breeds, we’ll also look at their origins and history, and look at their modern day usage.

1) German Shepherd

german shepherd puppy

Height: 22-26 inches (56-66 cm)
Weight: 75-100 pounds (34-45 kg)

The German Shepherd is perhaps the most widely-known of the German dog breeds. Intelligent and versatile, the GSD originated in Germany as a herding dog. German Shepherds are valued for their loyalty and courage, serving as working dogs in various roles, including police and military work, search and rescue, and service dogs. They are also cherished family pets, known for their protective instincts and gentle nature.

2) Pomeranian

cream pomeranian on the street

Height: 7-12 inches (18-30 cm)
Weight: 3-7 pounds (1-3 kg)

A tiny yet energetic breed, the Pomeranian was originally much larger. Named after Pomerania – the breed’s historical home – they have become a beloved companion dog in modern times. Pomeranians are known for their extroverted personalities and vibrant double coats. They carry a big personality and often display fearlessness that belies their small size. These spirited dogs are well-suited for individuals or families who appreciate an active and outgoing pet.

3) German Shorthaired Pointer

gsp out on walk

Height: 21-25 inches (53-64 cm)
Weight: 45-70 pounds (20-32 kg)

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting breed. Renowned for their boundless energy and athleticism, they excel as both hunting dogs and family companions. Their short, dense coat and distinctive liver coloration set them apart. German Shorthaired Pointers are enthusiastic participants in various dog sports, including agility and field trials. Intelligent and versatile, GSPs are equally content chasing game in the field or snuggling with their human family members.

4) Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher at park

Height: 24-28 inches (61-71 cm)
Weight: 60-100 pounds (27-45 kg)

The Doberman Pinscher, commonly known as the Doberman or Dobermann, was originally bred as a guard dog. As such, Dobermans are known for their loyalty and protective instincts. They are highly trainable and often serve as working dogs in roles such as police and personal protection. Their sleek and powerful appearance, combined with their intelligence, makes them formidable protectors and loving family members.

5) Great Dane

black and white great dane

Height: 28-34 inches (71-86 cm)
Weight: 140-175 pounds (64-79 kg)

The Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Despite the name, the breed originated in Germany – not Denmark. It is known for its imposing size and gentle nature. Despite their size, they are often referred to as gentle giants, although their stature means they do require space to move around. Great Danes make affectionate and loyal family pets. Their sheer size and elegant appearance make them stand out, and they are admired for their calm and friendly temperament.

6) Schnauzer

schnauzer portrait

Height: 17-20 inches (43-51 cm)
Weight: 30-45 pounds (14-20 kg)

The Schnauzer is characterized by its distinctive beard and eyebrows. Schnauzers come in three sizes: Miniature, Standard, and Giant. They are known for their intelligence and versatility, excelling as family pets, working dogs, and show dogs. Their protective instincts and loyalty make them ideal guardians for the home. Miniature Schnauzers, in particular, are beloved for their compact size and spirited personality.

7) Dachshund

dachshund in field

Height: 8-9 inches (20-23 cm) for Miniatures, 9-10 inches (23-25 cm) for Standards
Weight: 12-20 pounds (5-9 kg) for Miniatures, 16-32 pounds (7-15 kg) for Standards

The Dachshund, often referred to as the “wiener dog,” is best known for its elongated body. They were originally bred for hunting small game – in German, the word “dach” means badger, and “hund” means dog. They come in three coat varieties: smooth, longhaired, and wirehaired. Despite their small stature, Dachshunds are lively and spirited, making them charming and devoted family pets.

8) Rottweiler

rottweiler lying down

Height: 24-27 inches (61-69 cm)
Weight: 80-135 pounds (36-61 kg)

The Rottweiler, a robust and confident breed, traces its roots to ancient Roman cattle-driving dogs. Renowned for their strength and loyalty, Rottweilers excel as working dogs, often in roles such as search and rescue or police work. Their distinctive black and rust coloration and powerful appearance make them imposing protectors, while their gentle and loving nature endears them to their families.

9) Weimaraner

weimaraner in forest

Height: 23-27 inches (58-69 cm)
Weight: 55-90 pounds (25-41 kg)

The Weimaraner is celebrated for its sleek silver-gray coat and striking blue-gray eyes. Originally bred for hunting large game, they are known for their intelligence and agility. Weimaraners are highly energetic and make exceptional sporting dogs. They thrive in active environments and excel in activities like hunting, tracking, and agility. Weimaraners require physical and mental stimulation, making them an excellent choice for individuals or families who appreciate a dynamic and loyal companion.

10) Leonberger

Leonberger dog

Height: 26-31.5 inches (66-80 cm)
Weight: 100-170 pounds (45-77 kg)

The Leonberger is another gentle giant originating in Germany. It is known for its imposing size and kind disposition. Originally bred as a working dog, Leonbergers are noted for their thick, water-resistant coats and majestic presence. Despite their size, they have a gentle and amiable temperament, making them wonderful companions. Their loyalty, combined with their friendly nature, are hallmarks of this breed.

11) Jagdterrier


Height: 13-16 inches (33-41 cm)
Weight: 16-20 pounds (7-9 kg)

The Jagdterrier, also known as the German Hunt Terrier, is a compact and versatile breed bred for hunting purposes. These tenacious terriers are known for their determination and fearlessness in hunting small game. Jagdterriers are spirited and loyal, forming strong bonds with their families. They are highly trainable and make great companions for those who appreciate their fearless nature and dedication to work and play.

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