Four Ways To Get Involved In National Mutt Day

mixed breed dog on red carpet

July 31 is National Mutt Day – a time to celebrate the mixed breed dog (or dogs) in our lives!

In fact, there are two days each year which are designated specifically for the appreciation of mutts. In addition to the end of July, the second National Mutt Day takes place on December 2.

What is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day was actually conceived in 2005 by Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and animal rights advocate who has created several pet-related holidays.

The day aims to celebrate mutts of every description, and raise awareness for those mixed breed dogs who are unfortunately left in animal shelters – many of whom are not adopted in favour of purebred dogs.

With millions of healthy, loving mixed breed dogs currently sitting in animal shelters across the United States, National Mutt Day is the perfect day to celebrate everything that is great about mixed-breed dogs. In this article, we’ll list a few ways to mark the occasion.

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Things to do on National Mutt Day

Here are four things you could do today to contribute to improve the situation for mixed breed dogs around the country.

  1. Visit your local shelter and adopt a mixed breed dog.
    Each year, approximately six and a half million pets enter animal shelters in the United States. Many of these are mixed breeds, but contrary to perceived wisdom, these dogs are healthy, loving and well-behaved. Even dogs who have behavioral issues can be transformed into wonderful pets with behavior modification and obedience training. If you’re thinking of adopting an animal, make sure you read up on the questions to ask those who run the shelter.

  2. Volunteer to walk a dog or help at your local rescue.
    Rescue centers always need an additional pair of hands – whether it is taking dogs for walks or socialization, preparing meals for animals, cleaning enclosures or helping with administrative tasks. Contact your local shelter or rescue today and see how you could be of assistance!

  3. Make a donation to an animal charity.
    Whether donating your time or your money, animal charities are always in need of extra funding. These funds help to maintain rescue facilities, provide resources for community projects and keep the animals in shelters clean and healthy. For example, our non-profit (Highland Canine Connect) undertakes service dog programs and donations which are assisted by donations from the community. Alternatively, contact a local animal charity in your area to discover how you can help.

  4. Make a day of it with your own mutt.
    Perhaps you or your family already own a mixed breed dog. If you do, use National Mutt Day as an excuse to truly spoil them – take them on a long walk, spend extra time playing outside with them, or give them a special treat that will make their day. Of course, we love our dogs every hour of every day – but what better excuse to lavish your mutt with gifts and treats than on their own, dedicated day?
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Raising awareness of mixed breed dogs

At Highland Canine, we do our best to help every dog we come into contact with – whether purebred or mixed breed. Over the years, we have helped to rehabilitate several dogs through our Second Chance program.

Do you own a mutt, or have you owned one in the past who you’ll treasure forever? Comment on our Facebook post with the best photos of your mixed breed dogs!