How Much Do You Know About Dogs? Find Out In The Highland Canine Dog Quiz!

highland canine dog quiz

We know there’s a high probability that, if you’re a regular visitor to the Highland Canine website, you’re a dog lover. Perhaps you spend a lot of your free time looking for information online or trying to learn new methods to train your dog. You may even enjoy discussing different dog training techniques with your friends and family, or sharing newly acquired knowledge with them.

The chances are that you may have accumulated a lot of knowledge when it comes to the canine world. But how much of that knowledge have you actually retained? Well, now you have the chance to find out!

Just for fun – it’s the Highland Canine Dog Quiz!

The categories

The quiz is divided into five different categories:

Questions 1 to 5: True or False?

Questions 6 to 10: Name The Breed

Questions 11 to 15: AKC Groups

Questions 16 to 20: Geography

Questions 21 to 25: Dogs In Popular Culture

Some of the questions in our quiz are more difficult than others. For those trickier questions, you’ll be relieved to know that the options are multiple choice, so you may be able to ride your luck!

Take the quiz!

Once you’re done…

Feel free to share your score on our Facebook page – especially if you can hit the magical 25 out of 25!