What is Doggie Boot Camp?

Doggie boot camp commonly referred to as a board and training program is one method of getting a trained dog. To describe it briefly our clients set up a drop off time with one of our professional dog trainers at Highland Canine Training which typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour. During the drop off the trainer will ask a serious of questions to understand the dynamic of the home, your goals for the dog, and a general background on the dog. Owners are required to bring proof of vaccinations, enough food for the stay, and any medications your dog may need during their stay. Typical boarding and training programs are between 3 and 6 weeks depending on the situation.
We live in a fast pace world and quite often the board and training is for people who just don’t have the time to do the training themselves. Of course there are always those people who just don’t have the desire or passion to train their own dog. There is an art to dog training that many people do not have so they in turn rely on the professionals to establish the foundation work for dog training. Lastly there are also those people who just aren’t able to physically do the training. Many of our clients have health conditions, special needs, or simply senior citizens who are not able to train their dog from beginning to end. Our programs provide the foundation work so that these people can have control and begin to take their dogs on walks or in public and enjoy their partnership with their four-legged friend. At Highland Canine Training we set up a go home appointment between the owner and professional trainer to review what the dog has learned during their stay. This typically takes between 1 to 3 hours depending on the situation. Owners are sent home with a DVD for a refresher of their dogs training. We offer free follow up training and advice for the life of the dog.
For the right person there are definitely advantages to a board and train program. Most clients take advantage of this program when their dog displays severe aggression, fear, or lack of socialization. Quite often when people are training their own dog they don’t have the patience or the dedication to get the job done properly. Our dog training professionals use a balanced approach to do training as we know one method of training will not fix all dogs. Our dog trainers are armed with a variety of knowledge on dog theories, behavior, and training tools to fit the situation. With any luck after the dog is trained the owner will be more motivated to learn how to handle and enjoy their dog!
There are dogs that don’t have the temperament for a board and training program. There are certain breeds of dogs that just do not do well in a kennel setting due to high stress. Some examples of these breeds are Great Danes, Weimaraner, and English bulldogs. If your dog doesn’t do well in a boarding situation when you go out of town for the weekend your dog may not be suitable for in-kennel training, this is something that needs to be discussed with the trainer you are working with. When you sign up for a board and train program you should make sure that the trainer is experienced in doing in-kennel dog training and can give you the name of some references.
Beware of programs that say they can train your dog in one week or even two weeks. Professional dog trainers use the three phases of dog training (the teaching phase, training phase, and proofing phase. You should also be sure that the facility you leave your dog with is clean and well secured so your dog can’t escape. Make sure the kennels are licensed through the state department of agriculture where they receive random inspections.
All good board and training dog programs should be able to not only teach the dog, but to teach the pet owners as well. Teaching pet owners can be difficult as you are trying to diminish bad habits that they may have and to employ the new methods of training and structure that need to be applied in your home. The owner must learn how to handle the dog or the training is all in vain. Although the dog is trained if the owner does not keep their part in the program to maintain the training the dog will quickly revert back to old habits. At Highland Canine Training we encourage the entire family to participate in the go home so the new rules can be applied consistently throughout the home.
Although the dog is trained if the owner does not keep their part in the program to maintain the training the dog will quickly revert back to old habits. The owner must be committed to learning how to handle the dog even after the official training is completed. The trainer will be able to evaluate the dog and to assess whether or not a board and train program is right for this particular dog and owner. If you are interested in our doggie boot camp at Highland Canine Training please contact us at 866-200-2207 or training@highlandcanine.com