Shana Parsnow

Shana began her career with animals at a national retail pet chain and later continued working as a veterinary assistant at a local animal hospital.  After several years, she decided that her passion lied with training dogs and people and she decided to attend the School for Dog Trainers at Highland Canine Training, LLC.  A graduate of our intensive 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program, Shana works with a variety of dogs and owners.  Although Shana works with helping owners and their pets to stay sharp in her obedience and behavior modification skills, her focus is in our Police & Military Working dog division of our business.  She not only trains dogs for detection, trailing and patrol dog functions, she also assists in training new and experienced handlers how to effectively work with their new K9 partners in our police k9 handler courses.  In addition, she works with many of the puppies in our working dog programs to ensure their proper socialization and development.  Shana also assists in the many research and development projects conducted at Highland Canine Training, LLC to better improve police and military working dogs.

Shana’s role at Highland Canine was highlighted recently in our Women and Working Dogs series. This interesting article gives an amazing insight into Shana’s day-to-day work.

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