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In a matter of weeks, we - the American people - will head to the polls.

The media will frame your choice at the ballot box as a difficult one. They will tell you there’s a lot to weigh up. Candidates will make promises. Human candidates. Flawed, troubled human candidates. A species who have spent generations making a habit out of breaking promises.

The evidence speaks for itself. Look around you.

Who can you rely on?

Who do you trust with your future?


Trust. Loyalty. Devotion. Reliability.

Show your support for man’s best friend this election season with our ‘Vote Dogs 2020’ badge! Dogs have sky-high approval ratings and are universally adored by all sections of the electorate.

Even scientific studies have shown that the main opposition party - cats - have conceded they actually like dogs after all.

So there is no need for debates - and no need to hide your support for a candidate you can trust this November (and all year-round).

Vote Dogs 2020!*

*Due to the overwhelming popularity of dogs, supplies are limited, so get this button whilst you can!

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