Kong Stuff-A-Ball Medium (red)

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Brand: Kong
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For many dog owners, chewing is a problem - but it's an instinctual need from the dog's perspective. Dogs need chewing to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Telling a dog not to chew is like telling a human not to brush their teeth. If your dog's chewing instinct is causing problems like biting on your clothes or furniture, a toy like the KONG Stuff-A-Ball is the perfect solution.

For all dogs, regardless of their age, chewing and munching on things is normal behavior. It's a way to relieve pain caused by incoming teeth, explore their surroundings, and oppose boredom and anxiety. The KONG Stuff-a-Ball helps support these urges while cleaning teeth and gums. The Denta-Ridges on the Kong Stuff-A-Ball allows dog owners to easily stuff them with treats while maintaining their dental health. If your dog gets bored of toys quickly, the ability to press down their favorite treat in the KONG Stuff-A-Ball's ridges can make everything fun and convenient for both you and your dog.

The medium-sized Kong Stuff-A-Ball is designed for dogs weighing between 15 and 35 pounds, but it's also available in Small and Large sizes. The durability of KONG Stuff-A-Ball is top of its class. The rubber formula is designed for long-lasting and lasts a long while for average chewing dogs. The smartly placed ridges create effortless activities for the dog. Just stuff treats in the KONG Stuff-A-Ball, and you'll be creating instant action for your dog. Dogs love spending time with the KONG Stuff-A-Ball since they need to chew and push the ball around to munch on the treats.

There are other benefits of KONG Stuff-A-Ball to consider since it will take care of your dog's physical needs by simply maintaining dental hygiene, but also keep your dog mentally stimulated, as the chewing instinct is one of the most powerful in dogs - especially in puppies. If your dog's chewing habit is becoming hard to manage, providing a KONG Stuff-A-Ball with his favorite treats inside can help resolve many unwanted issues. Because chewing and biting are primarily out of your dog's control and they have this urge to chew instinctively, it is crucial to provide them with such a toy like this to prevent munching on things they shouldn't.


  • Made from our durable KONG Classic rubber
  • Perfect for stuffing with Snacks
  • Patented Denta-Ridges™ clean teeth and massage gums
  • Available in three sizes: S, M, L
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