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The Dogtra ARC is an e-collar with an ultra-slim receiver to give comfort for your dog and create a seamless appearance. The contact points are enhanced for your dog's comfort, and the receiver fits perfectly to dogs weighing 15 pounds and over. The Dogtra ARC is particularly designed for dog breeds with soft and medium temperaments like Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and similar breeds.
The Dogtra ARC's receiver outputs low to medium stimulation from 0 - 127 levels. Both the collar and the transmitter have an IPX9K waterproof rating, making it a reliable training tool for trainers and dog owners, and especially for those training water retriever breeds. The waterproof rating of Dogtra ARC demonstrates that it won't get damaged when in contact with water, whether it's rain or bodies of water. It's resistant against water in high pressure and high temperature over numerous points.
The ergonomically designed handheld transmitter has checkered grips, ensuring a firm grip for trainers. The Dogtra ARC also comes with a belt clip, allowing trainers to put the transmitter aside and use it only when necessary. The stimulation level is adjusted using the Rheostat dial located on top of the transmitter, and the current stimulation level is displayed on the LCD screen along with the battery life of the transmitter. The transmitter and the receiver are equipped with 2-hour rapid charge batteries. A single charge can provide multiple training sessions. Keeping training sessions short (15 - 20 minutes) is important for effective results.
With a 0.75 mile range, the Dogtra ARC provides training opportunities in large open fields. It features two types of stimulation: Nick and Constant. Both stimulation types work for training use. The Dogtra ARC also has High Performance Pager (HPP) vibration that you can use for training purposes, but this works best to get the attention of your dog. Start with low stimulation levels to see what your dog reacts and resume the training with Dogtra ARC. The stimulation - whether it is Nick or Constant - works effortlessly as long as you press the dedicated button on the transmitter for up to 12 seconds. After 12 seconds, the stimulation and vibration stop as a security feature.
The Dogtra ARC is a slim, reliable, and waterproof training tool with a good distance range. It is the preferred choice of trainers who look for a slick design in an e-collar.

Package Contents:

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver/collar
  • Battery charger and splitter cable
  • Test light
  • Owner's manual
  • Metal belt clip and screws (2)


  • Slim design receiver/collar ergonomically shaped to your dog’s neck
  • ‘Nick’ and ‘Constant’ stimulation along with a non-stimulating pager/vibration
  • Checkered grips on the handheld transmitter for a positive feel
  • Rheostat/volume dial with up to 127 levels for a gradual adjustment in stimulation intensity
  • User expandable to a two-dog system
  • LCD screen displays exact level of stimulation, and a 3 bar battery life icon
  • Fully waterproof transmitter and receiver/collar
  • Low to medium power stimulation
  • 3/4-mile range
  • Rechargeable 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer battery

Other Details

  • Warranty - 2-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Power - Low to Medium
  • Range - 3/4 mile
  • Batteries - Li-Polymer
  • LCD Screen - Yes
  • Carrying Case - No
  • Expandable - Yes, 1 additional receiver
  • Pager Mode (Vibration) - Yes
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