Magdalena Szymanska

Director, Canine Education Programs

Magdalena was born and raised in Szczecin, Poland and later graduated from the University of Szczecin with a BA in Sociology. She grew up with dogs and other animals in Poland and has always had an interest in helping them. While following her passion to help dogs she often organized campaigns for her local city shelter to help care for the dogs and help them find forever homes.

She came to the United States in 2002 as part of a Student Exchange Program and later became a US citizen in 2012. Magdalena also worked in London for several years and has traveled extensively to more than 25 countries. For more than a decade, she lived in Boston, MA where she worked at a Children’s Hospital and in other businesses that were centered around helping people. 

Her love for dogs finally motivated her to learn more about dog behavior and she was compelled to become a professional dog trainer.  She completed the 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program where she finished in the top of her class.  She soon fell in love with working with dogs and helping people create better relationships with them.

Magdalena also serves as our student services coordinator to ensure that our students have a seamless and fulfilling experience at our school.  She works closely with our  other business divisions to ensure that our students have an opportunity to learn as much as they would like while attending our programs. Her commitment to the success of each student is apparent in her daily interactions with our students.

Magdalena combines her love for animal behavior with her passion for teaching others to create the best learning experience for our students.

Magdalena can be contacted at