Greg Vaughn

Trainer, Service Dog Division

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge to our Service Dog Division. Greg attended SUNY Rockland and majored in Psychology.  Afterwards, he went on to pursue a career in dog training.  He began at a big box pet training business and earned a certification as a dog trainer.  He then went on to work with clients and their dogs on his own.  Offering obedience and behavior modification programs throughout New York, Greg learned the importance of building a strong and lasting relationship between dog and owner.

With years of experience in pet retail and dog training, he brings a unique insight of the dog industry to our team. Greg is a pivotal member of our Service Dog division, helping to train service dogs for a variety of tasks.

Greg joined our team after graduating our 24 week Master Dog Trainer Course in the top of his class. Greg combines his love for animal behavior with his passion for helping others to create the best outcomes for our service dog families.

You can learn more about Greg in this intriguing Q&A interview.

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