Dog Training Statesville NC

Dog Training Statesville NC

Professional Dog Training Programs in North Carolina

Offering Quality Dog Training Solutions in Statesville

Trusted, reliable solutions for our clients in Iredell County

Headquartered in the heart of North Carolina, Highland Canine Training, LLC provides a wide range of dog training services in Statesville and the surrounding areas. We are able to offer in-home dog training, private lessons and behavior modification, in addition to in-kennel training, search and rescue training and other specialized teaching at our dedicated dog training facility in Harmony, NC.

Over several years, Highland Canine has developed a reputation for diagnosing and resolving problematic dog behaviors. Our goal is to provide our clients in Statesville with the dog training solutions they require to effectively deal with every type of issue, covering everything from simple obedience training, to more troublesome aggression and behavioral problems. We work with all types of dogs – old and young, big and small – and specialize in dogs which other trainers consider “hard to train”. We have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs which others have suggested should be euthanized.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers professional, proven dog training services based on humane and motivational techniques. We treat all dogs and their owners with respect, courtesy and humility, all with the aim of achieving the best possible results for everyone we work with – humans and animals alike.

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Stasia Dempster

Your Statesville, NC Dog Trainer

stasia dempster dog trainer statesville nc

Stasia moved to North Carolina from Clermont, FL. Having worked with a variety of animal species her entire life, she has trained dogs recreationally since she was ten years old (where she showed in 4H, began trick training and was involved in a number of obedience and agility classes). Stasia has been training professionally since college, where she utilized her knowledge of animal behavior to help other students work with their personal dogs.

After taking a short break to pursue a career in communications, Stasia realized that working with animals was her passion – one which transformed into a calling. She has worked in a kennel environment as a trainer and a technician, in addition to working as a veterinary technician for a mobile vet clinic in Florida.

Stasia graduated from the Highland Canine Training, LLC’s Master Dog Trainer program with honors, where she was certified to train search and rescue dogs, pet dogs and service dogs. She works with the aim of optimizing every dog’s potential and enabling their human owners to see the unexplored capabilities of their canine companion.

Stasia now specializes in the training of Search and Rescue dogs for individuals and SAR units. She trains trailing K9s, urban disaster dogs for FEMA certification, HRD K9s, wilderness air scent and mountain search dogs. Highland Canine offers a number of options for handlers or owners seeking SAR K9 training. Through private training, in-kennel SAR programs or group classes, dogs and their handlers are prepared to certify through us, preparing both for the job ahead.

Training doesn’t need to stop here, however; Stasia also helps build SAR dogs for handlers seeking certification through national organizations, and will develop a training program specific to the certification standards your chosen organization possesses. Stasia also works with operational search dogs in order to resolve problems teams are experiencing prior to recertification, or simply to improve accuracy on the field.

Stasia currently owns three dogs – Sophie, a five year old Labrador mix; Lylah, a two year old German Shepherd; and Castora, a Groenendael puppy who is in the process of training for live find SAR work.

Dog Training Locations

Stasia proudly offers professional dog training services in:

  • Statesville
  • Troutman
  • Lake Norman
  • Mooresville

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sar dog on rubble pile

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

We are proud to offer a variety of dog training programs in the Statesville area. A few of our services include:

Behavior Modification (fear, aggression, jumping, chewing, biting, running away, etc.)
Basic and Advanced Obedience
Group Dog Training Lessons
Private Dog Training Lessons
Protection Dog Training
Trailing & Search and Rescue Training
Trick Training
Other dog training services are available – please contact Stasia with specific requests for your dog.


sar dog in training

We are proud to offer a variety of dog training services in Statesville and the surrounding areas. These include:

With their enhanced sense of smell,  impeccable hearing and lasting endurance, dogs are often regarded as the most valuable resource in efforts to locate missing individuals.

At Highland Canine, we recognize the importance of training search and rescue dogs and offer comprehensive programs for handlers and dogs. Our facility is equipped with a functional rubble pile and a regulation FEMA agility course, with acres of wilderness and bodies of water enabling rigorous training.  

Search and Rescue dogs can be trained in tracking, trailing, land or water cadaver, amongst several other skills. If you have a search and rescue dog you wish to train, or are interested in a SAR certification program, contact us today for more information!

Our range of group dog training classes is an ideal way to socialize your dog in a safe environment. Meeting other pups and new people in a group class is a great way to give your dog mental and physical stimulation.

We offer a range of group training classes for clients in Statesville and the surrounding areas, usually based at our canine training facility in Harmony, NC. Our curriculum includes basic obedience, advanced obedience, tracking, agility and trick training, among others. The classes typically run for six weeks, with classes taking place once a week.  

For more information on upcoming group dog training classes taking place in the Statesville area, take a look at our calendar, or contact Stasia today!

From HRD to bedbugs, narcotics, explosives and more, Highland Canine’s detection programs are nationally renowned for their modern and scientific approach to teaching dogs and their handlers the skill of scent work.

From imprinting on target odors to operational detection work, we train your dog from start to finish – and then teach you the handling skills you will require to succeed as a working team.

An Evaluation is required prior to accepting dogs into any detection program.

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Upcoming Group Class Schedule

We regularly offer a range of group classes to our dog training clients in Statesville and the surrounding areas. The classes typically take place at our classroom location at 162 Early Ln, Harmony, NC 28634.

Contact Stasia at for more information or details on how to register for our upcoming classes!

Basic Obedience (Group Class)
October 16, 2021 to November 20, 2021
Saturdays at 9:30am-10:30am

Advanced Obedience (Group Class)
October 16, 2021 to November 20, 2021
Saturdays at 11:00am-12:00pm

Basic Scent Work (Group Class)
October 14, 2021 to November 18, 2021
Thursdays at 6:00pm-7:00pm

Advanced Scent Work (Group Class)
October 14, 2021 to November 18, 2021
Thursdays at 7:30pm-8:30pm

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