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For almost two decades, Highland Canine Training, LLC has provided a wide range of dog training services to dog owners across North America. We offer professional dog training services in Mérida and the surrounding areas, including private lessons, Board and Train programs, group classes and service dog training.

Over several years, Highland Canine has developed a reputation for diagnosing and resolving problematic dog behaviors. Our goal is to provide our clients in Mérida with the dog training solutions they require to effectively deal with every type of issue, covering everything from simple obedience training, to more troublesome aggression and behavioral problems. We work with all types of dogs – old and young, big and small – and specialize in dogs which other trainers consider “hard to train”. We have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs which others have suggested should be euthanized.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers professional, proven dog training services based on humane and motivational techniques. We treat all dogs and their owners with respect, courtesy and humility, all with the aim of achieving the best possible results for everyone we work with – humans and animals alike.

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Alejandra Vázquez Bracho Illescas

Your Mérida Dog Trainer

Growing up, Alejandra spent a lot of time around dogs. As a child, she went to several dog events and enjoyed them – this sparked a passion in Alejandra that provided the basis for her decision to move into a career in dog training as she grew up.

As she moved into her teenage years, Alejandra wanted to get her own dog. She sold candy at school for an entire year to enable her to save enough money to eventually get her first dog, Miga, when she was 15 years old.

Alejandra decided that she had to learn more about dog training. Miga was completely her responsibility, and her mother didn’t like dogs (even making Alejandra sign a contract to ensure Miga would be well-behaved and able to stay in the house). During this time, Alejandra learned a lot about Miga, and about dog behavior in general. Miga is now a happy, well-behaved 10-year-old pet dog.

In pursuing her passion for dogs, Alejandra has undertaken several voluntary positions to further her knowledge and experience. She volunteered at Central Alberta Humane Society as a dog walker, and worked as a pet sitter and dog walker while in university. She also volunteered as Ester y Liza, a nonprofit organization offering low cost sterilization services. 

After completing her degree in Natural Resources Management, Alejandra started to look for education opportunities in the dog training field. Her research led her to the School for Dog Trainers, where she completed the 24-week Master Dog Trainer program. Upon graduation, Alejandra completed a six month internship at Highland Canine Training, where she gained practical, hands-on knowledge of all areas of the business.

Returning to Mexico, Alejandra is excited to work with dog owners in Mérida to help to strengthen the human-canine relationship.

Dog Training Locations

Alejandra proudly serves Mérida and all surrounding metropolitan areas.

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Dog Training Services

Alejandra offers the following services to our clients in Mérida:

dog training merida mexico


Please see below for details of pricing for our dog training services in Mérida. Please note that all of our private lesson and Board and Train programs offered at this location include professional, high-quality dog training tools, such as a Herm Sprenger prong collar or Dogtra e-collar.

All prices listed in Mexican Pesos.

    Board and Train Pricing

    Deposit: MXN$600

    3 Week Basic Board and Train: MXN$7,050
    Includes HermSprenger prong collar.

    3 Week Advanced Board and Train: MXN$11,100
    Includes Dogtra e-collar.

    6 Week Boot Camp Board and Train: MXN$17,200
    Includes Dogtra e-collar.

    6 Week Behavior Modification Boot Camp Board and Train: MXN$17,500
    Includes Dogtra e-collar.

    Private Lessons Pricing

    6 Sessions – Basic Private Lessons: MXN$4,080
    Includes HermSprenger prong collar.

    6 Sessions – Behavior Modification Private Lessons: MXN$5,600
    Includes HermSprenger prong collar.

    7 Sessions – Advanced Private Lessons: MXN$7,800
    Includes Dogtra e-collar.

    Group Classes Pricing

    Deposit: MXN$500

    6 Sessions – Basic Obedience: MXN$1,800

    6 Sessions – Intermediate Obedience Class – MXN$1,800

    6 Sessions – Advanced Obedience Class – MXN$1,800

    6 Sessions – Puppy Class – MXN$1,800

    Note: No E-collar or prong collar included in group class pricing.

    Alejandra is proud to offer a variety of dog training services in Mérida. These include:

    Board and Train Programs

    We are proud to offer Board and Train programs for our clients in Mérida.

    Our Board & Train programs allow you to leave your dog with our professional dog trainer for three or six weeks. During that time, we will work with your dog on a daily basis to resolve problematic behaviors. When you pick up your dog, we’ll show you how to maintain your dog’s new behaviors.

    Contact Alejandra for more information on our Board and Train programs. Our evaluations are free and our training programs are guaranteed for the life of the dog. 

    Private Lessons & Behavior Modification

    Our private lessons and behavioral modification programs help you to achieve the results you need with your dog. 

    With private lessons, our trainers come to your home once per week. Following an initial evaluation, our trainers use their knowledge and experience to develop an action plan to help you achieve your goals. We place importance on teaching owners the best way to maintain these behaviors for the future. 

    All of our training programs are guaranteed and include free follow-up training for the life of the dog.

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