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Since forming in 2006, Highland Canine Training, LLC has provided a variety of dog training services across the Southeastern United States. We are proud to offer private dog training lessons, behavior modification and board and train programs to dog owners in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

With headquarters in North Carolina and several locations across the United States, Highland Canine Training, LLC has forged a reputation for diagnosing and solving problematic dog behaviors. We have helped numerous clients to effectively deal with complex behavioral problems, improving the lives of both canines and their owners in the process.

We work with all types of dogs, regardless of breed, age or size, and specialize in dogs which others consider “hard to train”. Whilst other trainers may shy away from dealing with aggression or behavioral cases, at Highland Canine Training, we pride ourselves on working with you to find solutions and resolve these problems.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers professional, proven dog training services based on humane and motivational techniques. We treat all dogs and their owners with respect and courtesy, with training methods designed to achieve the best possible results for everyone we work with – humans and animals alike.

Our Atlanta, GA Dog Trainers

brandi wallwork atlanta ga professional dog trainer

Brandi Wallwork

Brandi has been a valuable member of our dog training team for a number of years. After leading Highland Canine’s Service Dog division for six years, Brandi is now seeking to help the lives of dog owners in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Brandi provides professional dog training services in the following locations:

Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Acworth, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Canton, Jasper, East Cobb & Ball Ground.

megan gerber atlanta ga dog trainer

Megan Gerber

With a passion for dogs that has lasted a lifetime, Megan furthered her knowledge by  graduating from the School for Dog Trainers. She then joined the Highland team, serving dog owners in Atlanta and nearby locations. 

Megan provides professional dog training services in the following locations:

Atlanta, Smyrna, Vinings, Mableton, Austell, Marietta & Westside.

Questions? Speak with Brandi today at (678) 488-8060 for more details!

Brandi Wallwork

Expert Dog Training In Atlanta, GA

brandi wallwork training dogs

Brandi’s journey to becoming a dog trainer and behavior specialist was sparked by difficulties with her own dog. Growing up, she couldn’t remember a time when there wasn’t a dog in the family and, as a teen, Brandi’s heart was set on calling one her very own. She received a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy for her 16th birthday. This little dog ended up changing the entire course of her life.

Seemingly from nowhere, her dog began behaving aggressively as she matured and had to be separated from the other family dogs. This shift in her dog’s behavior inspired a desperate search for answers. However, the information out there was considerable and often conflicting. Even after speaking with several professional dog trainers, Brandi found no one who could give her answers to her dog’s severe aggression. With the realization that there must be so many other dog owners facing similar situations, Brandi’s heart became set on becoming a dog behaviorist who could help change lives.

In her quest to help her dog – and other dogs and families in a similar position – Brandi started to save up for a course at the School for Dog Trainers. She spent three years managing a dog daycare and boarding facility outside of Atlanta, which gave her additional perspectives on common miscommunication in the human-canine relationship.

Brandi graduated from Highland Canine’s School for Dog Trainers with a concentration in dog obedience training, behavior modification, and service dog training. The following 6 years, Brandi was employed as the Director of Service Dog Programs at Highland Canine Training. She worked very closely with families and individuals interested in the addition of a service dog. She played a pivotal role at all stages of the process, from initial discussions to the intensive training of the dog and all the way to the final delivery of the service dog.

Brandi’s continued passion for behavior training led her back home to Atlanta where she now offers canine obedience training, specialized behavior modification programs, and service dog training.

“It can be so overwhelming to experience behavior problems and miscommunication with your dog. I know from experience. My training programs focus on your dog as an individual, offering solutions unique to your dog’s situation. My passion as a dog trainer is to help families better understand and communicate with their dogs, leading to deeper relationships and trust between dog and owner.”

Dog Training Locations

Brandi proudly serves the following areas:

  • Marietta

  • Kennesaw

  • Woodstock,

  • Acworth

  • Roswell

  • Sandy Springs

  • Alpharetta

  • Canton

  • Jasper

  • East Cobb

  • Ball Ground

FREE evaluations are available. Contact Brandi for details!

happy dog being praised

Dog Training Programs

Brandi offers the following services to our clients in Atlanta:

brandi wallwork atlanta dog trainer

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Questions? Speak with Megan today at (678) 491-4555 for more details!

Megan Gerber

Expert Dog Training In Atlanta

megan gerber atlanta ga dog trainer

Megan has loved dogs her entire life, but did not discover her passion for training them until she adopted a puppy that grew into a difficult dog. After working with several trainers and reading every dog training book she could get her hands on, she came to know that this is what she was meant to do. Dog training combines her two greatest desires – to help people and to work with dogs.

After receiving her Dog Trainer certification in Dog Obedience and Behavior Modification from Highland Canine, she was asked to join the Highland team serving clients in the Atlanta, GA area.

Megan enjoys sharing her passion for dogs with her clients by helping them build a better relationship with their pet.  She understands that not all dogs are the same and utilizes a variety of effective methods to address the many unique situations she encounters.  By taking the time to listen and understand the needs and goals of her clients, Megan is able to come up with practical solutions that fit.

Megan is committed to continuing to learn and improve herself as a trainer.   She believes that the more familiar she is with all things dog, the more value she brings to her clients.

Megan offers a range of dog training services for our clients in the Atlanta, GA area. In addition, Megan also offers in-kennel training in her own home on a limited basis. Megan enjoys working with all breeds and sizes of dogs. Her goal is to create and maintain the best possible relationship between owners and their dog(s). Megan is also a current member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Dealing with aggression and other dog related problems can be extremely frustrating for many people. These behavior problems are the number one reason that dogs are surrendered to the local shelters and euthanized. Many dog owners simply don’t have the knowledge and resources to deal with these problems in a way that is effective.

Life with your dog simply doesn’t have to be this way! Megan Gerber, our Atlanta, GA Dog Trainer, gives you real-life solutions to resolve dog behavior problems. She helps dog owners deal with everything, from simple problems like jumping on people and barging out the door to more complex problems like aggression and biting. She delivers dog training programs in a way that is simple and effective, and services are customized to meet the individual needs of the client and dog.

Dog Training Locations

Megan proudly offers professional dog training services in:

  • Atlanta


  • Smyrna


  • Vinings


  • Mableton


  • Austell


  • Marietta


  • Westside

FREE Evaluations are available! Contact Megan for details!

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

megan gerber atlanta ga dog trainer 2

We are proud to offer a variety of dog training services in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. These include:

Our private lessons allow us to work with you and your dog on a one-to-one basis.

With private lessons, our trainer comes to your home on a weekly basis for a one hour appointment. After assessing the circumstances for you and your dog, our trainer uses their expertise and experience to develop an action plan to help resolve troublesome behaviors. In addition to correcting your dog’s behavior, we also teach dog owners the best way to maintain these for the future. 

All of our training programs are guaranteed and include free follow-up training for the life of the dog. Contact Brandi or Megan for more information!

Our behavior modification programs are designed for dogs who are exhibiting troublesome behaviors such as aggression, biting, anxiety or shyness.

After an initial evaluation of the issue, our trainer will put together a plan of action to rehabilitate the behavior. Our methods have been refined over a number of years and are designed to achieve longlasting results with your dog.

Our initial evaluations are free and help us to recommend the best course of action for your dog. Contact Brandi or Megan to find out how we can help resolve your dog’s behavioral issues!c

We are proud to offer Board & Train programs for our clients in the Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

Our Board & Train programs allow you to leave your dog with our professional dog trainer for three or six weeks. During that time, we will work with your dog on a daily basis to resolve problematic behaviors. When you pick up your dog, we’ll show you how to maintain your dog’s new behaviors.

Contact Brandi or Megan for more information on our In Kennel dog training programs. Our evaluations are free and our training programs are guaranteed for the life of the dog. 

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Dog Training Programs and Pricing in Atlanta

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Board and Train Programs

Deposit: $100

Board and Train (Basic): $1,950
Board and Train (Advanced): $2,350
Board and Train (Bootcamp): $3,900

Private Lessons

Deposit: N/A

Private Lessons (Basic): $775
Private Lessons (Advanced): $1,349
Behavior Modification: $1,299
Owner’s Choice: $549
Reactive Dog: $699

In-Home Training

Deposit: N/A

In-Home (Basic): $1,049
In-Home (Advanced):
In-Home (Total): $2,199
In-Home (Behavior Modification): $1,799


Group Classes

Deposit: $50

Basic Obedience: $199
Intermediate Obedience: $229
Advanced Obedience: $259
Puppy Class: $199