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We are pleased to offer professional dog training and behavior modification programs for dog owners in the Birmingham, Alabama area. We offer a variety of courses from group classes to In-Home training in order to provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their dogs.

Highland Canine Training, LLC has a proven reputation in the Southeast for rehabilitating problem behaviors and successfully teaching owners to better communicate with their dogs. We understand that having a well-balanced and well-behaved dog is important, and that most dogs are an integral part of their family. Our dog training programs are not only effective and affordable but are Veterinarian Recommended and Guaranteed for Life!

We offer a number of programs from puppy training to advanced, off-leash training as well as behavior modification programs designed to rehabilitate even the most difficult problems. Our behavior modification programs will rehabilitate problems such as barking, phobias, fighting, biting, jumping, anxiety, shyness, fear aggression, dominance aggression as well as other forms of aggression. We train dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages and our trainers are committed to ensuring that any problems are resolved with your dog. We offer free in-home evaluations.

(Looking for training in the Huntsville, AK area? Visit our dedicated Huntsville page for more information.)

Our Alabama Dog Trainers

corey archer alabama dog trainer

Corey Archer

Corey has been a key member of our team for over a decade.

In addition to leading our dog training operations in the state of Alabama, Corey is also Training Director at the Southeast Campus at the School for Dog Trainers. Corey also has extensive experience with working dogs and protection dogs.  

dog trainer alabama madison kimbrough

Madison Kimbrough

Madison is a graduate of the School for Dog Trainers, pursuing her passion for building relationships between humans and dogs. She offers a variety of dog training services, including private lessons and board and train programs.

Madison provides professional dog training services in the following locations:

Birmingham, Fairfield, Hueytown, Bessemer, Mt. Brook, Vestavia, Homewood, Hoover, Pelham, Alabaster, Helena, McCalla, Chelsea.

shae slabaugh alabama dog trainer

Shae Slabaugh

Shae is also a graduate from the School for Dog Trainers. Originally from Illinois, Shae decided to stay in Alabama after graduating, and now offers a range of different dog training services, including private lessons and board and train programs.

Shae provides professional dog training services in the following locations:

Morris, Kimberly, Warrior, Cullman, Hanceville, Jasper, Oneonta, Bremen, Dodge City, Hayden, Vinemont, Dora, Summington.

marysa rollings professional dog trainer

Marysa Rollings

After graduating from the School for Dog Trainers, Marysa completed a six-month internship at Highland Canine Training. Marysa now offers a number of different dog training services, including private lessons and group classes.

Marysa provides professional dog training services in the following locations:

Gardendale, Fultondale, Trussville, Springville, Moody, Pinson, Argo, Forestdale, Irondale, Center Point, Leeds, Tarrant, Adamsville.

Upcoming Group Class Schedule

We regularly offer group classes for our clients in Alabama.

Group classes take place at the School for Dog Trainers classroom facility (Southeast Campus) in Hanceville, AL. The address is: 4339 County Rd 216, Hanceville, AL 35077.

You can learn more about our programs by visiting our group classes page, or by emailing our lead instructor for the upcoming group class, Marysa Rollings, at with any questions. You can also contact our head trainer in Alabama, Corey Archer at or (205) 433-2063.


Registration and a $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot in our group classes.

You can register by making a secure payment online here, or email Marysa at for more details.

Basic Obedience (Group Class)
July 23, 2022 to August 27, 2022
Saturdays at 10:00am-11:00am

Please contact Marysa for more details.

 Questions? Speak with Corey today at (205) 433-2063 and find out how he can help!

Corey Archer

Training Director, Alabama

A vital member of our team for over a decade, Corey Archer utilizes proven and simple methods for instructing both dogs and their owners / handlers.

Corey leads our dog training programs in Alabama, overseeing our Board and Train programs and mentoring our other Alabama dog trainers. Corey is also Training Director at the Southeast Campus of our School for Dog Trainers.

Corey’s style is straightforward and he has a very goal-oriented approach to training and resolving problems. His aim is to always improve relationships between dogs and their owners by teaching effective communication and basic principles of learning. He focuses on assisting clients in dealing with and rehabilitating issues such as dominance aggression, fear aggression, territorial aggression, phobias, shyness and neurotic behaviors. 

Corey continues to further his education in the dog training field by attending seminars and classes, as well as working with police and search and rescue canine teams. Contact Corey today at 205.433.2063 to schedule a FREE Evaluation or to get more information on our dog training programs.

Serving our clients in the Birmingham, Alabama area, Corey provides Private Lessons, In-Home Training, and Group Classes as well as training for Police, Search and Rescue and other working dogs. Corey is a certified dog trainer and specializes in assisting clients resolve problem behaviors with their dogs. He understands that a proper relationship between dog and owner is critical in establishing an effective program for rehabilitating problematic behaviors. With over twenty years experience handling working dogs, Corey brings his experience and knowledge to our clients in Alabama to assist them in solving problems such as aggression, dominance, fear, shyness, biting and jumping, as well as other behavioral issues.

Corey conducts training and certifications for Police and Search and Rescue dogs and handlers, and has helped to train both Law Enforcement and Military handlers in Police Patrol, Narcotics, Explosives, Cadaver, Trailing, and Search and Rescue. He also assists in conducting handler courses and regularly instructs at Highland Canine Training, LLC’s School for Dog Trainers.

dog training services alabama

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

We have a number of dog training programs for our clients in Alabama, including customized training programs to fit your individual needs. Our programs include: 

Our established training methods will obtain reliable results for you and your dog. Our programs provide you with a dog that has completed each stage of training and is well balanced and dependable in a variety of real world environments.

For over a decade, our commitment has been to ensure that owners have a solid understanding of proper training techniques so that they are successful in easily maintaining the dog’s training for life.

We also offer evaluations for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test.

Corey Archer Alabama Dog Trainer

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Questions? Speak with Madison today at (205) 790-1671 and find out how she can help!

Madison Kimbrough

Birmingham, AL Dog Trainer

Growing up, Madison always had an interest in dog training, but didn’t know how to pursue it as a career. After adopting her current dog, Athena, she quickly realized she was in over her head and needed the help of a professional trainer.

After a lot of research, Madison discovered a dog trainer who did behavioral modification. She fell in love with the idea of being able to help dogs that are viewed as “unfixable”. As she watched her dog transform, she knew that this was something that she had to pursue – and decided to embark on a dog trainer program.

Upon discovering the Obedience and Behavioral Modification program at the School for Dog Trainers, Madison was able to start her dream. As she explains, her passion for dog training stems from a love of teaching and as well as a love for creating relationships:

“Dog training is more than just teaching a dog to do things. It is about trust and communication between dogs and their handler.

My goal is to not only train dogs but to create lifelong bonds between dogs and their owners. Therefore, allowing them to enjoy life together and experience the trust, love, and joy that only a relationship like that can bring.”

Madison works with dog owners in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas.

Dog Training Locations

Madison proudly serves dog training clients in the following areas:

  • Birmingham
  • Fairfield
  • Hueytown
  • Bessemer
  • Mt. Brook
  • Vestavia
  • Homewood
  • Hoover
  • Pelham
  • Alabaster
  • Helena
  • McCalla
  • Chelsea

FREE Evaluations are available! Contact Madison for details!

Brown poodle puppy playing on the field.

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

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Questions? Speak with Shae today at (205) 600-4386 and find out how she can help!

Shae Slabaugh

Alabama Dog Trainer

Shae Slabaugh is an Illinois native who has always had a passion for working with animals. She grew up around puppies, and from a young age, Shae knew she wanted to work with them.

Looking to gain a formal education in dog training she went to the Southeast Campus at the School for Dog Trainers. After graduation, she decided to stay and further her career working with dogs in Alabama.

“I loved every minute of my time in school,” says Shae. “I fell in love with Alabama in the process. I decided pretty quickly I wanted to stay.”

Shae works with all different types of dogs from basic obedience to behavior modification and everything in between. She also really enjoys working with puppies and credits them for teaching her patience when first learning to train dogs.

“Puppies are a favorite for me because, of course, they are cute – but I think if more people get their puppy trained, less dogs will end up in a shelter because they are “too much” for their owners.”

dog receiving belly rub from owner

Dog Training Locations

Shae proudly serves dog training clients in the following areas:

  • Cullman
  • Hanceville
  • Jasper
  • Oneonta
  • Bremen
  • Dodge City
  • Hayden
  • Vinemont
  • West Point
  • Arley
  • Curry

FREE Evaluations are available! Contact Shae for details!

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

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Questions? Speak with Marysa today at (704) 903-3880 and find out how she can help!

Marysa Rollings

Alabama Dog Trainer

Marysa moved from North Carolina to Alabama to be a part of Highland Canine Training’s team, offering group classes, private lessons and Board & Train Programs.

Marysa’s first job was a kennel technician, and it was through her interactions with dogs in that job that she fell in love with the idea of training them. Her inspiration was her family’s pitbull mix that struggled with dog aggression issues. Marysa saw the difference it made to have him trained, and was inspired to achieve the same results for other dog owners.

She graduated from the Master Dog Trainer program at the School for Dog Trainers in December 2021. The Master Dog Trainer program encompasses all major facets of dog training over the duration of the six-month course.

Marysa’s favorite part of the program was the opportunity to work with a large variety of dogs, as she explains.

“It was great to be able to figure out what motivated them, and how that particular dog learned. My favorite part of training is watching a dog’s confidence grow as they learn.”

For her clients in Alabama, Marysa believes it is important to focus on strengthening the human-canine bond.

“My goal for my clients is to build better communication between dog and handler/owner. In turn, this will help to create a stronger relationship between the two.”

Dog Training Locations

Marysa serves dog training clients in the following areas:

  • Gardendale
  • Fultondale
  • Trussville
  • Springville
  • Moody
  • Pinson
  • Argo
  • Forestdale
  • Irondale
  • Center Point
  • Leeds
  • Tarrant
  • Adamsville

FREE Evaluations are available! Contact Marysa for details!

Dog Training Services

Affordable Dog Training that Gets Results!

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Private lessons are a great option for dog owners who may be unable to attend weekly group training classes. Private lessons allow our trainer to come to your home and coach you in the proper methods of training and reinforcing your dog’s behaviors. We commonly find that even small mistakes in reinforcement and communication create problem behaviors in dogs that can be extremely frustrating for owners.

Private lessons allow our trainers the opportunity to see you interact with your dog in your own home and explain proven methods of training and problem solving.  We offer several of our dog training programs in private lesson formats, including basic obedience, off-leash obedience, dog behavior modification and our on and off leash package. On average, our dog training private lessons last from six to seven weeks.

Dealing with aggression and other dog related problems can be extremely frustrating for many people. These behavior problems are the number one reason that dogs are surrendered to the local shelters and euthanized. Many dog owners simply don’t have the knowledge and resources to deal with these problems in a way that is effective.

Life with your dog simply doesn’t have to be this way! Our Alabama dog trainers give you practical, effective solutions to resolve dog behavior problems. They help dog owners deal with everything – from simple problems like jumping on people and barging out the door, to more complex problems like aggression and biting. We deliver our dog training programs in a way this is simple and effective, and services are customized to meet the individual needs of you and your dog.

We specialize in dog behavior modification training to help owners remedy difficult and frustrating problems. Because our emphasis is on dog behavior problems, we are quite successful in rehabilitating dogs that other trainers and dog behavior specialists decline to work with. We also welcome what are often considered to be difficult and hard to train dogs or breeds. If you are having problems with your dog, we have the solutions! 

With over twenty years of experience with working dogs of all types, Corey Archer offers a variety of working dog training programs throughout Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. 

Corey is a current Police K9 Handler, in addition to being a police K9 instructor.  Prior to her passing in 2013, Corey also handled a German Shepherd, human remains detection dog, in which the team had numerous finds credited to their work.  Corey offers training and certification for Police K9 teams as well as for teams needing training with drug detection and bomb detection dogs.  He also offers training and certification for a variety of types of search and rescue dogs, including, tracking and trailing dogs, urban search and rescue Dogs, wilderness search and rescue dogs and cadaver dogs.

 Contact Corey at 205.433.2063 or for more information on our working dog training programs.

Unfortunately, the world is not becoming a safer place. We understand that your personal security is a concern that is paramount. We offer impeccably trained personal protection dogs from the finest European lines. All of our dogs are trained in on and off leash obedience for complete control and we offer a number of different levels of protection dog training.

If you already own a dog that you are considering training for protection, we also have programs designed for that. We simply need to schedule an evaluation to ensure that the dog has the proper drives and temperament to reach the desired level of protection dog training that you require.

Corey also offers protection dog training and sales for those wanting an added layer of protection for their home and family.  

Our staff has the experience and expertise to deliver the most reliable protection dogs and training available.

School for Dog Trainers

Southeast Campus in Hanceville, AL

In addition to providing dog training services to clients in Alabama, Corey Archer is also the Training Director at the Southeast Campus of the popular School for Dog Trainers.

Offering a variety of programs for aspiring dog trainers, the School for Dog Trainers has been providing world-class canine education for over a decade. 

Situated in Hanceville, AL, our Southeast Campus is the perfect setting for learning about all aspects of dog training. Hands-on dog training takes place at our spacious 100+ acre Canine Training Center. Classroom lectures are delivered in comfortable, climate-controlled surroundings at our Canine Education Center.

Corey’s experience in many facets of dog training bring invaluable insights and knowledge to students attending our courses. He is proud to be heavily involved in teaching the next generation of dog trainers, demonstrating scientific and proven methods. 

corey archer teaching at southeast campus