Dog Podcasts

Check out our list of our favorite dog podcasts!

In recent years, podcasting has exploded. What was once a niche pursuit has now become a mainstream phenomeon, and listening to podcasts is commonplace – whether you’re commuting to work, on a crosscountry roadtrip, or simply relaxing at home, putting on a podcast can be a great way to pass the time and learn more about any given subject.

The world of dogs has not been immune from this incredible growth in podcasting. From podcasts featuring dog trainers handing out useful tips, to interviews with experts right across a broad spectrum of views, there are several popular dog podcasts available for your listening enjoyment. On this page, we have featured a selection of our team’s favorite dog podcasts! You can listen to their latest episodes directly on this page, or head over to learn more about each show on their show website.

(Got a dog podcast you want our team to listen to? Send us your recommendations – and we may end up adding it to this list!) 

1) A Life of Dogs

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A Life of Dogs is a podcast which tells unique and captivating stories about man’s best friend. The podcast highlights some of the amazing capabilities of dogs, and how they interact with their human companions.

2) K9 Rollcall

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K9 Rollcall is aimed at working dog handlers and law enforcement teams. The podcast interviews working dog handlers, trainers and industry experts to provide practical, actionable tips.

3) Training Without Conflict

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The Training Without Conflict podcast is hosted by Ivan Balabanov. Ivan invites guests from the world of dog training to discuss training philosophies and concepts, resulting in some fascinating discussions.

4) Dog Training Is My Passion

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Hosted by William Garrido, this podcast discusses a wide range of topics and explores different methods and solutions when it comes to dog training.

5) Working Dog Radio

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The Working Dog Radio podcast is a great listen for K9 professionals around the world. The podcast discusses all facets of police and military K9 breeding, selection and training.

6) HITS Radio

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The HITS Radio podcast is presented by Jeff Meyer. In each episode, Jeff discusses working dog training concepts covering a broad array of topics.