Treating Dog Behavior Problems with a Bike

trainer biking with a malinois

Biking can be a Great Way to Help Treat Dog Behavior Problems

Regularly, our dog trainers work with dogs that have a variety of problematic behaviors. Treating these dog behavior problems can, at times, be a challenge for any dog trainer. One activity that we like to get dogs involved in, during their in kennel dog training program, is learning how to heel with someone on a bike.  It’s a great way to focus the mind of the dog, while getting them ample physical activity, as well.  Our experience has shown that biking with a dog helps dogs with a number of dog behavior problems.  Some of these include: biting, fighting, aggression, shyness, fear aggression and even neurotic behaviors.

If you already have a bike, the equipment that you need to either train your dog to bike or continue the training at home is pretty affordable.  There are a number of dog biking devices on the market and they are generally user friendly.  These devices simply attach to your bike and have a short leash attached that you can connect the dog with.  This keeps your dog a safe distance away from the bike so they don’t become tangled or injured by the spokes or pedals.

dog behavior problemsWe have incorporated biking with dogs into a lot of our training programs.  Again, we have found is useful with a majority of the pet dogs that we work with, especially those that have dog behavior problems.  We have also biked with dogs attending our training programs that were overweight and needed more exercise.  We have even trained a number of our service dogs to bike so that they can continue to assist the children and adults that they serve.

If you are interested in learning how to bike with your dog, or if you are experiencing dog behavior problems that you would like to resolve with one or more of your dogs, please feel free to call us at 866.200.2207 or email us at