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Choosing the Right Puppy

choosing the right puppy

Choosing the Right Puppy Is an Important Decision

Puppies are a commitment and a lot of work, doing your research is crucial when considering a puppy. After carefully thinking about it, you have decided to get a puppy, whether it is your first puppy or you are adding to your family, there are many things to consider. Are you going to adopt one from a shelter? Maybe you have a specific breed in mind, have you found a reputable breeder?  If you are considering buying two or more puppies, read this article first.  Or maybe you saw an ad in your local newspaper for free puppies. Choosing the right puppy to compliment your lifestyle is a huge part getting a new puppy.  So there a few questions you should ask yourself.

What type of activities would you like to do with your new puppy?

Is your home large or small?

What is the weather like there? Is it very hot? Or is it very cold?

What is your personal activity level?

Are you planning to do something with your pup? (Agility, search and rescue, detection, protection or is the pup just a family pet)

Choosing the Right Puppy

When choosing the right puppy, take some of these questions and situations into consideration. For example if you are a very active person who spends most of their days outdoors and are looking for a partner to share these activities with you, then you would probably not want a dog who is lazy and would prefer to sleep on the couch. You decided that this new pup is going to be a companion and friend for your children, you want a dog who is going to be gentle, then you shouldn’t pick the puppy that is constantly jumping his/her siblings and causing a huge ruckus. Instead pick the puppy that is friendly but not overly in your face, charging up to the gate or your lap and trying to bite your hair or chew on your clothes.  You also don’t want to pick the little shy puppy hiding behind something or the one that runs away from you. If your intentions with your puppy are to give it a job, i.e. search and rescue or maybe even a family protection dog, you definitely wouldn’t want the pup that has no interest in toys or food. Just because a puppy is a certain breed does not automatically qualify it for work.

Why is it important to consider the temperature or weather conditions in your area? Well you want to make sure that your pup is not bred for the opposite weather conditions. If you live in a warm climate you probably wouldn’t want a dog bred to survive in arctic conditions.

choosing the right puppy - Mastiff puppyIf you live in a small apartment, you probably don’t want to get a giant breed like a Great Dane. Yes some of the larger breeds tend to be lazier but remember even the laziest dog will have bursts of extreme energy. A 200lbs Mastiff running crazy in a 500 square foot apartment may lead to some repair costs and even vet bills.

The farmer down the road has a Beagle that he uses to hunt rabbits and she just had a litter of puppies, he is practically giving them away for free.  You’ve done your research and know that Beagles can be very active and are willing to put in the work to keep the pup stimulated. It is important to remember in today’s canine world there are many lines of dogs. They are the same breed but a show line dog is completely different from your working line dog. The amount of energy these different lines have will absolutely amaze you. Your show line dogs are bred for the way they look, and working lines are bred specifically for their willingness to work.

This article is the first in a series on puppies.  To read other articles in this series and learn more about puppies, click on the links below.  There are many aspects to selecting the right puppy for you, ask yourself these questions, for more tips on selecting the right puppy contact Highland Canine Training, LLC at or 866.200.2207.

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