Amber Vaughn

Amber grew up around dogs and animals and has always had a passion for training dogs.  She attended our 24-week Master Dog Trainer Program at our School for Dog Trainers.  Her work ethic and practical approach to training dogs and people led us to add her to the team.  After joining the team, Amber dove in to all aspects of dog training.  She has since worked in our Service Dog Division and has excelled at training police dogs as well as assisting with our police k9 handler courses.

Amber has a passion for working dogs and it clearly shows.  She trains police and military dogs in explosives and narcotics detection as well as scent discrimination and variable surface trailing.  Amber is an asset in our working dog training programs from selection to assisting new handlers learn to more effectively work with their new partners.  In addition, Amber also trains personal protection dogs and their new owners.

Amber was featured as part of our Women and Working Dogs series. This article provides a unique perspective into Amber’s role at Highland Canine.

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