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The Importance of Human Remains Detection Dogs

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The importance of (HRD) Human Remains Detection dogs during a time of crisis is unimaginable, everyone needs closure is and understatement for families who have lost their loved ones.  The not knowing creates haunting images and questions by the family and friends of: Are they ok? Are they suffering? What happened? They need to be home regardless of the outcome […]

Dog Training Tips & Advice

Puppy Socialization

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puppy socialization

Puppy Socialization, It Really Is That Important! As new puppy owners we often times make mistakes, even the lifelong dog owner will still make mistakes. We try our best to teach our puppies basic sit, down and come, we also want our pups to behave when we take them out or have guests over. You […]

Dog Behavior Problems

Problems Between Dogs

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problems between dogs

Understanding Problems Between Dogs in the Home Dog owners can experience problems between dogs in their home when introducing a new puppy or dog to an existing dog in addition to problems between dogs that have lived in the home for some time.  Many factors have to be considered when developing a resolution to problems […]