Shelby White

Having grown up around animals, Shelby knew she wanted to work with themย 

She grew up in Georgia and moved to Florida when she was ten years old. While living in Florida, she showed different livestock in competitions around the area, where she received multiple awards for showmanship. When she was old enough, she decided to take a job at a vet office in Fort Pierce. During her time there, Shelby handled many different dogs and learned how to communicate with their owners.

Shelby attended Wilkes Community College and graduated from their two year animal science program, learning more about different animal industries.

She has always been interested in dog behavior and how you can teach dogs to do different things to help people. Growing up with disabilities herself, she wanted to find a way to help others that may struggle with disabilities. After watching a documentary about a seizure alert dog, Shelby fell in love and started researching dog training schools which offer service dog training. During her search, she found the School for Dog Trainers, where she could learn about all aspects of the dog training industry. She attended the Master Dog Trainer program where she learned about how to train pet dogs, Police K9, and service dogs.

After graduating, she completed a six month internship at Highland Canine where she worked with pet dogs, teaching basic and advanced obedience and attending multiple service dogs deliveries. In addition to deliveries, she trained service dogs for autism assistance, seizure alert, retrieval and mobility assistance.

Shelby now uses her wide array of knowledge and plays an important role in the training of dogs across each of Highland Canine’s business divisions. She currently lives in Wilkesboro, North Carolina with her dogs, Midnight, Lacey, Oaki, and Waldo.