Morgan Ellis

Morgan is originally from Indiana, and one of her earliest memories with dogs actually wasn’t a positive one – she was attacked by her parents’ Akita was she was seven years old. Her biggest concern was that he was gone when she returned from the hospital. After begging her parents for another dog, she finally bought her first dog and trained her at a big-box pet store.

Working with her dog became a full-time hobby for Morgan, and after high school, she moved to Arizona. In 2015, she worked at a training facility doing pet dog training and behavior modification. Shortly after arriving there, she started helping with a litter of Belgian Malinois puppies that the owner bred, and was asked to keep one of the females for future breedings. Morgan trained the Malinois for French Ring and fell in love with the breed – this experience taught her more about training than any other dog she has owned. 

Currently, Morgan is completing the Master Dog Trainer program in addition to working with dogs on a daily basis. She works alongside Makayla Gaddis (Kennel Manager) in caring for dogs who are staying at the facility, in addition to helping the working dog team with their training activities.

Morgan loves high-drive dog breeds that enjoy working as much as she does. Although she doesn’t work with pet dog clients these days, she loves to help people work through their issues and have the best human-dog relationship possible. She is also a huge advocate for education by helping people to pick the right breed for their lifestyle, and ensuring they have plan to set their dog and family up for success.

Morgan can be contacted at