Makayla Gaddis

Born and raised in Athens, GA, Makayla moved to North Carolina in 2019. She started working at Highland Canine in January 2020.

Makayla has had a lifelong passion for animals – she has trained them, cared for them and competed with them! 

In particular, Makayla is passionate about horses – when living in Georgia, she trained horses and gave lessons. She competed on an equestrian drill team and has two national championships. 

Makayla is also certified in equine and canine massage and electro-acupressure.

As Kennel Manager, Makayla plays a vital role on our team at our training center in Harmony, NC. With the help of her kennel staff, she ensures that every dog staying at our facility is comfortable and cared for. Makayla’s diligence and hard work continues to ensure that our facility remains in exemplary condition, and that all animals in our care enjoy their stay! 

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