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How To House Train Puppies

potty train your puppy

Potty Training Puppies

At some time or another, every pet owner will need to house train their puppy.  Even if you decide to leave your dog outside most of the time, it makes sense to train your dog where they are allowed to potty at an early age.  The last thing you want your dog to do is to make messes.

While many people dread the house training process and put it off, thus allowing their dogs to get away with more than they should, house training doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  Not if you do it correctly.

The Rules of House Training

There are some specific rules for house training your puppy.  To begin, don’t punish your puppy for having an accident when he’s young.  Your puppy doesn’t know that this is wrong.  You’re only going to succeed in confusing your puppy and making it harder to train him later.

Secondly, be sure that you give your puppy praise when he does things correctly.  If your puppy relieves himself where he’s supposed to, then give him praise and affection, to reinforce this good behavior.

Potty Training Methods

There are several different ways to potty train a puppy, but not all of them work.  However to train your puppy properly, you’ll need to keep your puppy under close supervision.

Crate Training:  Crate training can be an important and useful tool for house training a puppy.  Puppies do not like to potty in their crate.  The crate is their bed, where they sleep, so they will prefer to keep it clean.

You should make sure that the crate is just large enough to be the puppy’s sleeping area.  In many cases, owners make the mistake of buying a large crate which allows the puppy to move around.  If the puppy has lots of space he will potty in the crate because he feels he can get away from the mess.

You should not use the crate for punishment.  Your puppy should enjoy being in the crate.  When you’re cooking in the kitchen or going out to the store, you will be able to put your puppy in the crate as a safe, secure place so they wont make a mess.

Dealing With An Accident:  If your puppy has an accident, and he will, you must remember not to punish your puppy.  Clean the mess and let it go.  If you punish your puppy he won’t have any idea why you’re punishing him in most cases.

Even in cases where you catch the puppy in the midst of having an accident, your puppy will only wonder why you’re punishing them, especially when they have been pottying and you have not punished them.  This won’t make any sense to your puppy.  You will be confusing your puppy and making them anxious.

You may be frustrated when your puppy has an accident but you must be patient and work to change your puppy’s behavior instead of punishing it. Remember, dogs are not born understanding that outside is where they are supposed to potty. It is our job to help them learn this.

You will probably be surprised at how fast your puppy will learn.  If you use a crate your puppy will learn that he can wait to potty.  If you pay attention to his body language you can help him become used to going outside to potty.  With patience and persistence you can have your puppy house trained in no time at all.  At Highland Canine Training LLC we specialize in helping you with the obedience training and housebreaking expertise you need to help your puppy grow into the perfect household pet. For more information on our programs and courses, contact us at 866.200.2207 or

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