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Detection Dog Services

detection dog services
Our Detection dogs offer you safety and piece of mind. We provide reliable, confidential services at affordable prices.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers the most comprehensive detection dog services available. We provide professional and confidential services to assist our clients in providing a safe and secure environment .  Our commercial detection services can easily be customized to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our dogs and handlers have years of experience in working with detection dogs of all types in both law enforcement and civilian roles.  We have over twenty years of experience in training detection dogs and handlers for law enforcement and military handlers across the globe.

We proudly provide dogs that are highly trained to surpass national standards and whose skills are maintained on a daily basis to ensure the utmost detection proficiency.  Our  dogs are meticulously selected, tested and trained using scientific methods to ensure that they are the best detection dogs available.   Our dogs and handlers are stationed throughout the Southeast United States, but can readily deploy wherever a need arises.

We offer a variety of detection dogs including drug dogs, bomb  dogs, bed bug dogs as well as customized, specialty detection dogs.  Our dogs and handlers are proficient in working in a variety of demanding field environments.  Our drug and bomb dog teams can efficiently check stadiums, arenas, conference centers, schools, colleges, parking areas, commercial businesses, warehouses and private residences.  Our drug and bomb dogs are extremely social and are all trained with a passive indication, so as not to cause damage to property.

Detection dogs have proven over the years to be the least intrusive and most effective method for detection. Our detection dogs are reliable and eliminate any guess work.

bed bug detection dogThe need for bed bug detection dogs steadily increases in a world where global and interstate travel is readily accessible.   Our bed bug dogs can afford you considerable piece of mind at reasonable prices.  Our bed bug detection dogs are also trained with a passive alert, therefore property damage is never a concern.  Bed bug detection dogs can be used to inspect schools, colleges, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, movie theaters and conference centers.

If you have questions or need more information on our detection dog services, feel free to contact us at 866.200.2207 or