Destructive Chewing: Simple Reasons Why Your Dog Is Eating Everything In Sight

Destructive chewing is a problem in many households

Why does your puppy chew everything in sight?

Before you can train your dog to stop his destructive chewing habits, you must first identify the type of chewing that your pet is demonstrating. It may be for a simple, natural reason or it could be an unhealthy obsession. Depending on the reason your dog is chewing, you may be able to fix it with an appropriate chew toy, bone, or jog around the neighborhood. However, some situations may call for the help of a professional dog trainer. There are different motivational factors for chronic and destructive chewing. The most common reasons are:

1. Teething
2. Exploration
3. Boredom
4. Habit

naughty puppyPuppies chew mainly for two reasons: to explore their new world and to soothe their aching gums during the teething stage. Dogs between the ages of six to eighteen months have a different motivation to chew: boredom (although this motivator can also apply to puppies as well).

Most dogs who are going through their adolescent stage have high amounts of energy in their systems. This energy, when not utilized or given the proper channel, can result in problem behaviors like destructive chewing, obsessive barking, or even aggression. Boredom chewing between puppyhood and adulthood usually occurs because the newness and excitement of the pet’s presence in the home wears off. The family does not pay as much attention to them as they used to when he was still a puppy.

Occupy your dog with appropriate things to chew onThe best way to eliminate destructive chewing is as simple as spending more time with your dog. Spend ten or fifteen minutes with your pet before leaving him alone. Take him for a nice stroll, or maybe brush his coat before leaving the house. Give him an outlet for his mental energy before he can create a bad habit out of destructive chewing. Puzzle feeders, chew bones, and Kong toys are perfect things to keep your dog’s attention while you are out. Most of the time, all it takes is giving your dog something else to focus on to get rid of bad chewing behaviors.

Some dogs have been practicing destructive chewing so long that it has become a habit and possibly even an obsession. It is best to seek professional help when your dog has developed a habit that is now out of control. At Highland Canine Training LLC, we offer behavior modification solutions to help your dog become a happy, mentally healthy member of your family once again. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with behaviors ranging from problem chewing to severe aggression. For more information or any questions you may have, call us at 1.866.200.2207 or email us at