Choosing an In Kennel Dog Training NC Facility

in kennel dog training nc

In Kennel Dog Training NC can be a great option for some dog owners

Choosing a licensed dog training facility for your in-kennel training needs can be a heavy task. The state of North Carolina is beginning to crack down on unlicensed in-kennel/boarding training facilities, breeders, and shelters across the state.  The problem is that the North Carolina Department of Agriculture is a bit short staffed.  There are many dog trainer’s operating without a license both intentionally and unintentionally do to lack of education by the state that they even need it! The department of agriculture makes sure that kennels maintain a level of cleanliness, adequate play yards, and documented logs of each dog in the facility.  This recent push for animal advocacy is brought about from our current Governor Pat McCrory’s wife Ann.  North Carolina’s first lady  is promoting volunteerism,raising awareness for pet adoption and fostering, as well cracking down on puppy mills!

Be Cautious of Unlicensed In Kennel Dog Training Facilities

unlicensed in kennel dog training ncWe are often approached by clients and others that have had a horrible experience with other, unlicensed in kennel dog training facilities, doggie daycares and dog boarding facilities in North Carolina.  These unlicensed facilities range from individuals with one or two kennels in their back yard to trainers that simply keep dogs inside their home to full-scale dog training businesses that often have multiple kennels.  Because these kennels are unlicensed and are not inspected, they can often lead to unsanitary and deplorable conditions that are not safe or clean for the dogs.

Choosing the Right In Kennel Dog Training in NC

So, how do you make sure that the dog trainer or boarding kennel that you plan to use for your dog is the best fit?  Well, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your experience with an In Kennel Dog Training NC program is a success.

*Be sure that the facility meets the minimum requirements of the NC Animal Welfare Administrative Code and Regulations.  These regulations outline the required standards for dog training kennels and boarding kennels.  Examples of these regulations for kennels include record keeping guidelines, ability to maintain and confirm ambient temperature in addition to maintaining adequate structures for each dog.
*You can check to see if the kennel that you plan to use is licensed and inspected by the NC Department of Agriculture.
*Be sure that the kennel has paid staff members that take care of feeding, watering and walking the dogs, 7 days per week.  There are instances where boarding facilities leave dogs unattended over the weekend due to lack of staff and disregard of animal care.
*Ensure that the kennel has staff trained in caring for emergency medical issues and has an on-call veterinary plan.  Our staff is trained in both dog first aid and dog CPR.  In addition, we have contact information for our local veterinarian and 24 hour emergency care within a 40 minute drive.

Highland Canine Training, LLC offers a variety of In Kennel Dog Training at our NC facility.  We offer In Kennel on leash, off leash and behavior modification programs to best suit the needs of our clients.  Highland Canine Training is licensed by the NC Department of Agriculture, Boarding Kennel License #11075.  We are also currently the only business in NC that holds a Private Shelter License #150.  If you have questions about our In Kennel Dog Training NC programs, please contact us at 866.200.2207 or email