Caeb Colravy

Caeb Colravy is originally from a small farm town in rural Illinois, where he first developed his passion for animals. He has raised many types of animals throughout his life including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, a turtle, a racoon, and Norwegian rats. He also helps to care for the stable of farm animals at our training facility, which we use to socialize dogs to being around other animals. He moved from Illinois to Florida in 1985 and came to us after spending 23 years living in the nationโ€™s capital.

As the Director of our Service Dog Division, Caeb not only trains service dogs himself, but also oversees the training and development of all our service dogs. He works closely with our training staff as well as the families we serve to design a customized training plan for each dog in order to best meet the needs of each client.

Caeb not only graduated the intensive 24-week residential Master Dog Trainer program at the School for Dog Trainers, but he also elected to participate in and successfully completed the optional Student Excellence Program. Due to his desire to help those in need, Caeb placed special focus on the service dog portion of the program and was also one of our puppy raisers for the Service Dog Division while he was a student. After completing the Master Dog Trainer program, he completed an internship with us as well.

Caeb holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida, where he majored in Political Science and graduated with honors. He is also a cum laude graduate of American Universityโ€™s Washington College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree. After beginning his legal career as a judicial law clerk, Caeb was an Assistant Public Defender for the Office of the Public Defender in Montgomery County, Maryland where he was a trial attorney who defended indigent clients in misdemeanor and felony matters. After leaving the public defenderโ€™s office, Caeb entered private practice as a criminal defense attorney. He owned and operated his own law office for 15 years before deciding to embark on a second career as a dog trainer. He owned and operated a dog walking and pet sitting business and also volunteered for a dog and cat rescue in Washington, DC prior to attending our School for Dog Trainers.

As a former trial attorney and small business owner, Caeb brings a plethora of organizational, planning, and client services skills to our Service Dog Division in addition to his knowledge of and passion for service dog training. When he is not training service dogs, Caeb loves being a dad to his own two dogs, Zugo (a Shepsky) and Nova (a Belgian Malinois), with whom he enjoys playing fetch, hiking, and training on human scent trailing.ย  He is also an avid Chicago Cubs fan, adult softball coach and player, news and game show junkie, and history buff.

You can reach Caeb by emailing