9 Reasons Your Dog May Be a Better Valentine than a Human

Nine Reasons Why Dogs Make A Good Valentine

Valentine’s Day: A day dedicated to gushing over and spoiling the one you love most. A day devoted to spending quality time with that special someone and reveling in romantic shared experiences. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has become a stressful holiday for many people as human expectations have grown more extravagant than ever. Trying to outdo last year’s gifts to your husband or wife, the surprise cruise to the Bahamas that your mutual friend got his girlfriend or the gourmet steak and lobster dinner that your sister cooked her husband can be a daunting and exorbitant task.

why your dog is a better valentine

So what if you were to quickly and efficiently eliminate all this stress by simply choosing a different type of Valentine date… Your dog? According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey, pet spending for Valentine’s Day in 2019 is expected to hit a staggering $886 million. This implies that choosing a dog to be your Valentine’s date may not as unconventional as some people believe, and actually has several pretty significant perks.

The benefits are numerous when it comes to focusing your attention on your canine companion, instead of a complicated human causing you endless stress and requiring constant attention. We’ve put together a list of nine reasons why your dog would make a good Valentine. Take a look and remember: They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend,” for no reason!

Nine Reasons Why Dogs Make A Good Valentine

1. Your dog doesn’t need a gushing love note. How many Valentine’s Day cards have you sent and received in your lifetime? Hallmark estimates that 145 million cards will be sent this year. Even though dogs may be able to interpret the odd word here and there, they won’t be able to decipher paragraphs declaring your undying love – so just make sure you shower them with deserved praise and positivity!

2. Your dog won’t want a box of chocolates. According to the NRF, $1.8 billion will be spent on candy this year for Valentine’s Day, but it’s well-known that chocolate contains a component called theobromine which is poisonous for dogs, so this isn’t a good idea at all. Instead, why not purchase a new toy or treat for your pooch? Aside from showing your love, this will also aid their mental stimulation.

3. You don’t need to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your dog. We’ve probably all been on dates where we’ve done something that leaves us red-faced – whether we’ve spilled a glass of wine or said something embarrassing. The great thing about your dog is that they won’t remember you for a silly thing you did or said. As long as you keep on showing them the love they deserve, they’ll keep on reciprocating!

4. Your dog won’t mind what movie you watch. Chick-flick or action thriller? Leave the debates about what to watch in the past – after all, the only thing your dog wants to do is curl up with you on the couch, regardless of what you decide to watch (although maybe you could choose a movie prominently featuring a dog, just to keep them entertained?).

dog is a better valentine

5. Your dog won’t mind what you choose for dinner. Sure, a romantic meal for two is nice – except for the decisions about whether to eat at home or at a restaurant, which cuisine to choose, how much it should cost, and who’s going to pay…the decisions never end. Your dog, meanwhile, will be satisfied with whatever you serve on its silver platter – and it won’t complain about the speed of service or that the steak was poorly cooked.

6. Your dog won’t answer back and will do as it’s told. How many humans will do that? Even if your dog isn’t fully obedient, there are always a number of ways to modify its behavior, such as lessons or behavior modification techniques. We’re not aware of any similar classes available for humans (yet).

7. Your dog doesn’t need a spa day. A relaxing spa day for a couple can be a great experience – however, it can also be extremely expensive, and you usually have to spend it with another human rather than a dog. You never know, your dog might appreciate a massage with essential oils – but to be on the safer (and cheaper) side, just take them for a long, relaxing walk instead.

8. You don’t need to get dressed up for your dog. Your dog won’t care if you spend hundreds of dollars on a beautiful dress or a brand new suit for Valentine’s Day. They’ll be just as happy if you wear your favorite onesie or sweatpants round your home – in fact, they’ll probably prefer the softer, warmer material when they’re laying across you.

9. Your dog will love you, no matter what. This is the most important reason. Your dog won’t get into an argument with you about doing the dishes, and won’t give you the silent treatment because you can’t reach a consensus on what to watch on Netflix. Instead, your mutual loyalty to one another will result in a happy, relaxing Valentine’s Day – you and your pooch will enjoy yourselves with none of the expense, none of the stress and all of the fun!

In Summary

The point of this article isn’t to say you should ditch your potential Valentine in favor of your furry friend (although if you want to, we completely understand).

We all know that the bond between humans and dogs is special and unbreakable – not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year round. Will you be doing anything special with your pet for Valentine’s Day? Feel free to share your plans by commenting on our Facebook page!